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DYU Smart Bike D3+ review – An ebike with anti-theft design

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Before buying a car, we complained about the inconvenience of going out on windy and rainy days, and after buying the car, we complained that going out was too congested. With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people can buy cars, but suddenly they find that the road has become a parking lot when they go out in the morning and after work in the evening, and they can’t move on road at all. In the full parking space, the good mood of the day was destroyed.

In order to keep their mood from being ruined, many people have switched back to electric bikes. In addition to not being sheltered from wind and rain, electric bikes are also easy to be stolen. However, they are definitely the best way to travel in cities. Today, I would like to recommend an electric bicycle that can not be stolen. This electric bike is compact and stylish, and can be easily folded. The weight of the ebike is only 15kg. Girls can also pick it up easily, and take it where.


The body of the DYU smart bike is made of aluminum alloy and adopts automobile-grade paint finish. The paint finish is relatively thick. It will not fall off after long-term use and general bumping. It has strong corrosion and oxidation resistance. It looks like a leaping dolphin and looks particularly dynamic.

The length of the body is 1.05 meters, which is much smaller than many electric bikes. The compact body also makes it lighter. The height of the handlebar from the ground is 0.96 meters, which can basically meet the riding comfort of most people.

The 12-inch wheels with high-sensitivity dual-disc brakes make the vehicle safer. It not only ensures the stability of the vehicle’s center of gravity, but also brakes in time in emergencies.

In addition, DYU smart bike is also equipped with front headlights and rear taillights, and front high-brightness LED headlights. The linear red taillight will automatically light up when braking. This taillight not only has high brightness, but also emits beautiful red ribbon light, which makes it safe to ride at night.

The DYU Smart Bike can be folded, but this kind of folding is different from the current market that has been folded several times. The DYU Smart Bike has only one folding buckle, which can be operated with one hand and can be folded in a few seconds. The body width before folding is 50cm, and the width after folding is only 20cm. It can be folded and placed in the corner of the home or office without taking up space. It can even go on the subway after being folded, and it can be packed into the trunk of a car when going out.

Riding experience

Before riding, I was always worried about whether the DYU Smart Bike would be very stiff when passing some small pits, but after the actual experience I found that the bump reduction effect is quite good when passing some small potholes. It’s not as terrible as imagined.

This is mainly due to comfortable seats and damping tires, streamlined weight-sharing seats, soft materials, so that the buttocks fit more closely to the cushion, which can disperse and relieve the pressure on the buttocks, and the ergonomic design is in line with the body structure. The author personally measured the length time to ride, the buttocks will not feel pressure, and the height of the seat is also adjustable.

12-inch damping tires can reduce bumps. Although there is no damping spring, the damping effect is relatively weak, but there is no problem riding in the city.

The pedal design of DYU e bike is simple and straight, light weight, easy to disassemble and assemble, the center pedal allows the feet to move freely, and the user can change various postures.

Finally, the author also tried this high-sensitivity dual-disc brake. The ebike can be retracted freely at a daily speed of 20km/h. The ebike body is relatively stable at the moment the handbrake is pressed, there is no shaking situation.


Many controls of DYU Smart Bike are completed in the mobile APP, and this connection process is completed through Bluetooth. The smart bike lock APP can be set with electronic password locking and unlocking methods. When using the bike, you only need to enter the password to lock and unlock. This is the first layer of anti-lost protection. In addition, functions such as electronic fences, riding track, and autonomous speed regulation can also be realized through APP.

DYU Smart Bike has built-in GPS tracking technology (China version), which can realize fast positioning function and accurately display the current location of the vehicle. At the same time, an electronic fence can be set up with one key. When the bike leaves a fixed range, it will automatically send a reminder to the owner’s mobile phone, and it can also automatically record the vehicle’s trajectory so that the data can be queried. At the same time, it can accurately display the movement trajectory and positioning even if it is not turned on after being stolen, and there is no need to worry about the ebike being stolen.

In daily riding, when the road is better and there are few cars, the user maintains a speed for 3 to 5 seconds, and the bike speed automatically enters the cruise mode. After all, the wrist will be sore if you twist the throttle for a long time. In addition, there is a body self-inspection function, which can automatically send information to report faults. It is intelligent and fully automatic, and you can learn the car’s condition anytime and anywhere for timely maintenance.

Battery life and charging

The electric bike reviewed by the author has a built-in super-power 36V 10Ah lithium battery with a cruising range of 40km. The above official announcement data are all measured in a relatively ideal environment. The actual battery life is about 37km. Because of the influence of wind resistance and some slopes, the overall life is relatively close to the official announcement.

In the past two years, there have been frequent explosions of electric bike batteries during charging. DYU Smart Bike has done enough work for charging. It is equipped with temperature protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overcharge protection and overdischarge protection with UL certification. With these technologies, the DYU Smart Bike does not require users to be on duty when charging. After plugging in the power supply, users can do their own things without worrying about potential safety hazards.

The average service life of the Lithium battery of DYU smart bike is more than three times longer than that of the lead-acid battery. The weight is also much lighter, and the charging is fast. It can be fully charged in about 6 hours.


DYU Smart Bike D3+ review - An ebike with anti-theft design

After a period of riding experience, the author believes that DYU Smart Bike not only takes into account the portability of travel, but also achieves the ultimate safety performance. Although it is very light and compact, there is no need to worry about accidental loss. The built-in various safety measures make the e-bike thieves afraid of hearing it. You’ll never worry about the ebike being stolen anymore.

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