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DYU D1F 12 Inch 36V 250W 25KM/H Mini Electric Bike Wholesale

Discover the DYU D1F Smart Electric Bike – a lightweight, foldable e-bike with a 36V 250W motor. Enjoy a comfortable ride at speeds up to 25KM/H. Join over 30,000 monthly buyers in Europe and North America. Act now for wholesale discounts. Go green with DYU!

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wheel size
Wheel Size
12 Inch
6 AH battery
16 kg
36V 240W brushless motor
Upgraded soft and broadened high-end seat
shock reducing
Soft seat
remote control
Remote-control gadget inside

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49 reviews for DYU D1F 12 Inch 36V 250W 25KM/H Mini Electric Bike Wholesale

  1. Kaylee Webb

    I bought the Dyu D1F smart electric bike after doing some research on which ebike to buy. I wanted a cheap and simple electric bike that’s easy to fold and carry. The bike is a foldable electric bike that’s very lightweight and compact.

  2. Christopher Anderson

    DYU D1F Smart Electric Bike is a 12-inch folding bike that’s ideal for urban commuting and daily errands. This single-speed model features a 6 AH battery, 12-inch wheels, 36V 240W brushless motor, upgraded soft and broadened high-end seat, soft seat shock reducing, remote-control gadget inside, and a maximum speed of 25km/h

  3. Christopher

    The handling on the DYU bike is superb. It is nimble and responsive, making it a joy to ride

  4. Garth Todd

    I believe DYU D1 is best electric bike in world as an upgraded scooter.

  5. Razec

    Powerful ,portable,cute,faster than my other dyu, battery size a bonus.

  6. Latif

    I have to say that the DYU D1F surprised me. The workmanship is high quality and visually also very admirable! I’m looking forward to the first trip! Thanks DYU

  7. Antony

    Most classic DYU ebike.

  8. Eliseo Delaney

    Portable city ebike

  9. Muhryzal

    Pokonya satu luar biasa kerennnnnnn….. Cuma baru tau ternyata kalau pengen remnya depan dan belakang mesti pilihnya yang dyu d1 deluxe dan kapasitas batrenya juga lebih besar yang deluxe cuma harganya pun pasti beda lah, hahaha. Tinggal cari part supaya bisa digowes (crank, sproket single sama rantainya) hehehe

  10. Sebastian

    Been building n buying electric scooters n bikes for 15 years. This is the BEST BANG FOR BUCK on the market, WOW!! Weighed in at 31 pounds tho, not advertised 26.


    These are great for our whole family — adults and kids. We purchased 2 from the China ebike supplier for Christmas — one for our 10-year old son, and one for our 12-year old daughter. We weren’t sure what they’d think and these ended up being their favorite gifts from us. The bikes ride super smooth. Also, the battery lasts a very long time. Super easy to get on and learn how to ride. The speeds can be adjusted for your preference. This was the best purchase we made for Christmas!!! Added bonus is that us parents can ride them as well as they are intended for adults originally. The only problem is….everyone wants to ride them around. hard to get them back from friends and neighbors. The bikes fold up easily and fit easily in our trunk when we went took them on our vacation to zip around Tahoe. Faster then expected. Assembly was easy — took !0 minutes to unpack and assemble seat. The LED lights are excellent. My 12-year old daughter can fold the handle bars down and load in the car herself. bought 2 of them so far.

    Stay away from the cheaper versions, its true, you get what you pay for!!!!

  12. Tim

    I got this to retrieve the mail, which is up a hill from our house. I am near the weight limit for this bike, so it struggles getting me up the hill, but it gets me there. Coming back is no problem! While not great, it does the job I got it for. And I saw the specs before I bought, so the performance is not a surprise.

  13. Steve

    fantastic vehicle 1 year i use error free)))))))))
    thank you very much for having wonderful vehicle Steve
    Wish you a Merry Christmas

  14. Coast Cycler

    Best electric scooter for commuting. Hard to find any defect.

  15. Steven

    I bought one of these for my wife two years ago she loves it hundreds of miles and still running strong

  16. Xiaomi

    Difficult to find a defect to our electric bike, which has been able to prove to have a sporting character and above all to keep up with a heavy weight like mine

  17. Stelios

    Great quality! DYU comes in parts and it is very easy to assemble and put up the scooter. Kids loved it. The get on easily and sit comfortable.

  18. Laurence

    This bike/scooter is amazing. I have 2 of these, my brother has 1 and my friend has 1 and we all love them! Upgraded the brakes to shimano deore hydraulics and swapped the seats with Schwinn spring seats. It goes about 15mph and will run about 12 miles before needing charge. Lots of shops in Singapore that sell upgrades and replacement parts and you can easily add another battery to increase distance.

  19. Kavita

    The good thing is it’s able to adjust the seat’s height, and it’s difficult to find any major fault with the DYU given its relatively low price.

  20. Lorelei Blackburn

    Can be converted from a scooter to an ebike. Interesting

  21. Wowo

    The height of the front and saddle of the bike can be both adjusted. You can adjust the height according to your needs. I like this design.

  22. Excelvan

    A compact and zero-emission personal transportation device which is designed for both teenagers and adults

  23. Elby

    This is an affordable great little e-scooter. Build quality is solid and it can withstand up 120kg! The optional kids saddle is a must if you want to carry your little ones with you.It is assembled righ out of the box and you only have to mount the rear fender.

  24. Spadger

    Fits great and came in handy when I crashed my bike a month ago. Great Service as well!

  25. Ramon Suarez

    Now I understand why it’s called smart bike. Its App makes the riding experience rather smooth.

  26. Shannon

    The classic model, I love the classic design of DYU

  27. Gustavo Adolfo

    Folding it is rather easy, it’s surprising how it fits perfectly well in my car’s trunk. But make sure you find something that holds it in there because it just flops and bounces around in your car’s trunk if you don’t tie it down.

  28. Karen Ostrander

    I am very happy with this product. It works well and is fun to ride. The seat is a bit uncomfortable but that is easily remedied with a gel seat cushion that you can put over the seat. I ride back and forth to work and it makes my commute enjoyable while giving me some exercise.

  29. Adrian

    This bike is my new passion i love going out on it with my son, you get so many amazed looks & people asking where you got it from, i love it.
    since buying it I’ve bought a bigger battery 10.4ah and replaced the seat with a sprung one & put green slime in the tires to stop punctures.
    The only bad thing is the rubber flap covering the power point

  30. Tom

    A precisely negative what I have to do though is related toabsence of communication about the Bluetooth password for blocking an electric bike. Anyway the standard password is 123456 that you will need to set the block and / or proceed to change the password with a personalized one

  31. Marie Black

    The F-wheel DYU Electric Bike is a lot of fun to use, and more so once you become comfortable with its tiny design.

  32. William

    Nice small bike. Looks cool!

  33. HolmesHobbies

    For the price it looks like the bike is very well made!

  34. Tim

    Dyu electric bike is normally an interesting product. DYU – F-wheel official site online is the best place for whole sales. I’m the agent of DYU and I love DYU much.

  35. Greg Jones

    Be a good little bike to ride down in the bottoms of MO Recon G6. 🙂

  36. Michael

    DYU escooter is popular in Singapore, most of my friends ride it. Cool scooter

  37. DYUer

    At 15kg it is lighter than Gocycle and enough to handle but heavy enough that you feel secure on a windy day

  38. Eric Rowan

    OK, here we go. This electric scooter is also known as the DYU D1 over-seas. This little thing is great. Once you put ten miles, or 16 kilometers on the odometer, the limiter turns off and this thing will hit in the ballpark of 20 mph! (I’m light so I’ve done 22 on a flat plane.) It has enough torque to go up hills, has functioning headlights and a brake-light, there’s two apps you can download on the app store that will allow you to lock, change the speed settings, and see a digital speedometer of the bike. Very impressive in my opinion, even the handlebars fold over to make it easier to carry. The bike does not feel cheap, that outer tubular frame you’re seeing is real metal. I’m 6′ tall and I sit comfortably on it (the seat is comfortable, too), ad honestly I couldn’t praise this thing enough.

  39. Lexi Ramirez

    Best investment ever. I can get everywhere in town plus more on just one charge. It’s pretty quick too. Super fun.

  40. Izabella Love

    This thing is a great little ride around town. People ask me about it all the time. I use it for quick trips to the store and various other errands.

  41. Vatemu Anis

    An excellent electric scooter!
    This is an affordable great little e-scooter. Build quality is solid and it can withstand up 120kg! The optional kids saddle is a must if you want to carry your little ones with you.It is assembled righ out of the box and you only have to mount the rear fender.

  42. Eric Rowan

    DYU Electric Bike D1F – 2021 New Design D Series Ebike

  43. Eric Rowan

    This new DYU smart bike D1 has a stylish appearance, front & backlight and the function of constant speed cruising, is lightweight, safe and practical for commuting use.

  44. Joe Roberts

    Very impressed with the bike.
    As I am an engineer I think value for money.
    Good design easy put together very easy to fold. Rides well.
    Gives me the freedom to go further on my rides.
    Brilliant bike. No faults whatsoever on my bike.

  45. Mae Kelly

    I bought this for my husband and he is delighted with it.

  46. Hadfield

    The DYU bike is a fantastic vehicle ))))
    I have been using it for 2 years and it is error free
    -10 to 40 degrees Celsius
    I am very happy to use your product
    people are stopped in the street taking pictures and asking where they can buy such a bike
    I will tell them )))))
    I wish a very happy New Year for all of us ))) and good luck in the future

  47. Lacey Gray

    my bf loves this bike. he has a broken ankle… can go on walks with me. easy to use.. rides well.

  48. Foster Barton

    I love the range. I commute 4 miles to campus. This makes it super easy to get to my classes and to work as well as saving me money on having to buy a car. The assembly was easy and the folding/unfolding process is easy and natural. No complaints, easily worth the money I spent on it!

  49. Steven. D

    My DYU D1 is great!

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Cosa vuol dire errore 005 e come posso risolvere il problema. MB asked on February 7, 2023

Dear customer, where did you see the error? Does the bike run normally except for the error?

Jesse answered on February 9, 2023
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Weighing only 18kg (39.6lbs)

A built-in carrying handle and lightweight frame for easy portability.

Easy to handle


Popular in Europe and North America

More than 30,000 units sold per month.

Easy to sell


Folds and unfolds quickly and easily

For transit or storage,and fits in car trunks,closets,RVs,and under desks.

Portable and Storeable

Environmental friendly

New energy green cycling

Energy saving and emission reduction, in line with the policies of various countries around the world.

Green travel


So passionate is DYU about creating an innovative e-bike.Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and fun. 

DYU made it when our first generation D1 was created. The frame took inspiration from one of nature’s most aerodynamic mammals – the dolphin!It is not only an ideal companion for long and short everyday routes, but also a high quality fashion design.A talking point wherever it goes.

The positive market feedback proves it is a huge success. As it is more and more popular with consumers, we keep upgrading and have made a series of versions to meet the configuration needs of different consumers,which include D1F,D2F,D3F,D2plus,D3plus,D16 and D20.



One-Step Folding


Easy To Handle


250W Brushless DC Hub Motor


Other Details


Disc Brakes


Easy Commuting

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