Is an electric bike practical for me? Here are several tips for you

Maybe you are wondering if an electric bike practical for me? Should I buy one? The answer is—– Yes! Electric bikes are very practical. They are powered by a rechargeable electric battery and a motor. They hold several benefits that make them ideally practical for daily transportation. Have a look at the list of their […]

UNBOXING DYU V1 SMART ELECTRIC BIKE IN QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – We’ve just moved from our home of twelve months down on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We are looking forward to lots of new adventures and getting to know this area. So in perfect timing, our two new e-bikes have just arrived from DYU! We are super […]

DYU Egret electric bike at a glance: A powerful bicycle

DYU Egret electric bike is a new model among DYU series, it’s also named DYU L1 smart bike. DYU Egret is not only improved in appearance but also greatly enhanced in performance. Now let’s take a closer look at the new e-bike. The idea of DYU L1 e-bike originates from the wild creature, Egret. This […]

Your First E-Bike: 4 Things to Consider

The weather is warming up and it’s the ideal time to buy the first E-Bike for oneself. But how do you make a perfect choice? Here are some things you need to consider.   Do you need an E-Bike? Although there are still concerns about buying an E-Bike for the first time, there are many obvious benefits to buying an E-Bike these […]

6 Facts You Must Know Why Riding E-Bike could be Life-saving

Facts have proved that riding an electric bike can not only provide convenience for your life but also improve the environment and save lives. Here are the 6 facts you must know why riding an e-bike can save lives.   Enhance your body According to some research, riding an e-bike can improve your physical fitness […]