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Founder of DYU Ebike, Li Wei, Invited to Speak at 2023 Technology National Trend Industry Conference

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From November 29th to December 1st, 2023, the “National Trend Ignites, Everything Comes Alive – Liangzhu 2023 Technology National Trend Industry Conference” was successfully held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Liangzhu, Yuhang District, Hangzhou. The conference was guided by the China Brand Building Promotion Association, organized by the People’s Government of Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, and co-hosted by the Liangzhu New City Management Committee, China National Brand Network, and Guanchao New Consumption. DYU E-BIKE, representing a leading E-bike brand venturing abroad, was invited to participate in this conference, with founder Li Wei delivering a keynote speech.

In the era of “Culture + Technology” dual driving force, a new era for national trend brands is approaching. Traditional brands are capitalizing on their accumulated strengths, while new brands are taking advantage of opportunities to overtake. It can be described as “National Trend Ignites, Everything Comes Alive.”

Li Wei and his team originally came from the balance bike industry and possess extensive product experience. They have also firmly seized the opportunity for national trend brands to go global. Transitioning from balance bikes to E-BIKES and gaining insights into the niche E-BIKE market, they deeply understand the outdoor cycling habits of European and American consumers. “We have observed a growing demand for lightweight and portable solutions,” Li Wei pointed out. DYU E-BIKES primarily targets young users who often have limited living space. Therefore, foldable E-bikes align better with their situational needs. This has become the flagship E-bike category for DYU E-BIKES.

The design philosophy for all DYU E-BIKES revolves around a brand positioning of “simplicity, fashion, and youthfulness.” They prioritize originality, conveying the concept of “freedom” to the younger generation of consumers. With high aesthetics and a strong sense of technology, their products embody the idea of both “beauty and practicality,” which is the essence of the “national trend code” for DYU. Through the dual driving force of design and technology, DYU achieved a shipment volume exceeding 500,000 units in 2022.

As early as 2020, DYU E-BIKES had successfully entered Costco, achieving both impressive sales and a favorable reputation in the United States. DYU E-BIKES also smoothly obtained UL certification, Costco’s factory certification system, and established a comprehensive certification system including CE and ROHS for the European market. They have successfully expanded into over 60 countries and regions worldwide, including Europe and the United States, amassing a customer base of over one million loyal users.

DYU E-BIKES operates through various channels, including self-operated independent websites and online marketplaces like Amazon. They have emerged as a leading seller in specific product categories on Amazon, and they have established overseas warehouses and after-sales service centers in Europe and the United States, offering localized after-sales service.

Whether it’s product design, brand positioning, or marketing, DYU E-BIKES embodies characteristics of intelligence, youthfulness, and trendiness, aiming to capture the attention of consumers both domestically and internationally. Founder Li Wei of DYU E-BIKES emphasizes the need to continue focusing on the niche E-bike market and maintain a long-term commitment to building a successful domestic brand.

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