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DYU D2+ 12 Inch 36V 250W 25KM/H Mini Electric Bike Wholesale

Latest portable electric bicycle from DYU F-wheel, the gorgeous DYU Smart Bike D2+. DYU D2+ comes with a bump reducing suspension & a large battery compared to DYU D2 and lighter weight compared to DYU D3. Welcome to inquire to get the wholesale price.

(37 avis client)


wheel size
Wheel Size
12 Inch
10 AH lithium-ion battery
17.5 kg
36V 250W Brushless DC hub motor
Upgraded soft and broadened high-end seat
shock reducing
Brake system
Front & rear disc brakes
remote control
Remote-control gadget inside
Range using pedal assist mode

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37 reviews for DYU D2+ 12 Inch 36V 250W 25KM/H Mini Electric Bike Wholesale

  1. Lorenzo Hanson

    I was looking for a cheap and easy way to get around the city and I found the Dyu D2 smart electric bike. It’s one of the best mens bikes under 500 dollars that I’ve seen online. It’s a foldable electric bike that’s very compact and lightweight. It has a 250W motor that can go up to 25 km/h and a 36V battery that can last for 40 km on a single charge. It also has a smart app that connects to your phone and shows you speed, battery level, distance and more. It has two modes: pedal assist and pure electric. I usually use the pedal assist mode for commuting to work and the pure electric mode for cruising around the park. It’s very fun and easy to ride, and it has front and rear disc brakes for safety. It also comes with a horn, a headlight and a tail light. It’s a great bike for anyone who wants a simple and convenient way to get around.

  2. James Cooper

    DYU D2+ Smart Electric Bike is a 12-inch folding bike that’s perfect for urban dwelling commuters. This model features a 10 AH battery, 12-inch wheels, 36V 250W brushless motor, upgraded soft and broadened high-end seat, soft seat shock reducing, remote-control gadget inside, and a maximum speed of 25km/h

  3. Madison

    The DYU D2 is very versatile and can be used for commuting, leisure rides, or running errands. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

  4. Christian Foster

    This ebike is cheap but it’s not cheap regarding quality.

  5. Aidan

    DYU could be the best electric bike company for its DYU smart bike.

  6. Retyert E.

    No problems with my bike I’ve ridden over 600miles all good. Love it

    Image #1 à partir de  Retyert E.
  7. Mina

    Finally, this scooter becomes the right kind for which I’ve been searching a long time. My knees pain a lot and this Ancheer dyu saved me from the hell. Now this little genie takes me anywhere I wanna go. Thank you!

  8. Anny

    Splendid look.

  9. Isaias Calhoun

    Portable city ebike

  10. EuroMini

    It’s been a couple days now and I really like this little ebike. It is easy to ride. Electric performance is as expected from 250W. Charging and use is simple enough. Nice little kickstand. Built-in headlight works pretty well and how glorious not having to mess with additional batteries! Good 3-mode assist selection

  11. Yevgeniy Kindell

    It feels fantastic, you’re cruising easily. But the minute it starts going up a hill, you also gotta peddle to help it go up. Which is okay because the little engine helps a lot so you’re not straining yourself. But, being that the wheels are so small, after a while, you feel your legs get swore. I guess the size of the wheel has a lot to do with how hard you peddle.

    I’ve driven it up to 7 miles on a single charge and it still works but you start noticing the lack of power and acceleration. But once you charge it right back up, the bike works pretty good.

    Folding it is rather easy, it’s surprising how it fits perfectly well in my car’s trunk. But make sure you find something that holds it in there because it just flops and bounces around in your car’s trunk if you don’t tie it down.

    Overall, the bike is nice.

  12. Donald

    No one was more hyped about this product than I was. I live in a downtown area where this bike can be extremely useful. For the time I rode it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  13. Goplus

    It’s the best e scooter I’ve bought in the last few years. F wheel Dyu d2 price is reasonable and cheap. While its performance is perfectly outstanding! What’s more, this Dyu scooter even has a ul2272 certificate. My safety is guaranteed on this scooter.

  14. Barbara

    Compact design. Little one with great power. Highly recommend.

  15. Mike

    I own 2 of these little monsters and love them. I am disabled and use my D1 as a mobility device with great results. its small, maneuverable and really well balanced at super low speeds. Tiny profile allows me to go into the tightest shops and move around in crowds with ease and confidence. with over 7000 miles in the saddle I can say people will appreciate a review of these amazing machines. No I do not work for or with DYU or any other manufacturer. my D1 has no peddles, twist throttle only. My D2 has the TT and peddle assist. I prefer the D1. Thank for listening.

  16. Justin Smith

    Solidly built, exceptional braking, great fun.
    Have installed the child seat accessory also, so the kids can join in.
    Fits snugly into the boot of the car.
    I would say perhaps though, that the the front cog needs to be ever so slightly larger, just to increase the top end pedal power, as when you hit around 26-27km, it is virtually impossible to pedal any faster

  17. Xander

    I’m disabled and I love DYU and ride it every day. It enables me to live a normal life.

  18. Scott

    It does a great job for the price and battery power and is ideal for commuting and also taking on train rides between destinations due to its small size!

  19. Reagan

    Easy to put together quick charge and very fast. F-wheel is the best small electric bike manufacturer

  20. Sprinter

    This is a perfect electrically assisted pedal bike that folds up for easy transportation

  21. Shaofu Sun

    This bike is absolutely incredible!! It goes really fast, its sleek, and it looks just as described. I highly recommend it. Large figure people are also good with it.

  22. Evelo

    Portable folding electric bicycle with powerful functions, highly recommended

  23. Christopher

    It has the zip to take you farther, faster. And its price is very reasonable & affordable.

  24. Prince

    Extremely well built bike every part is quality. It is fun and easy to ride with good power to pull up steep hills with 250 watt motor. It folds very easy and is a good every day rider. Can be the best among all DYU series bicycles.

  25. Valerio

    I am impressed by DYU product; I weight 95kg and I am 185cm so other Chinese bikes were too brittle for me. This bicycle handles my weight perfectly, and it comes with folding design. Amazing.

  26. DoubleAA

    Assembly was very easy. I only had to install the pedals, the seat, the front fender and tire, and attach the control module to the handle bars. Smooth to ride

  27. Misscrusty

    The pedal assist is jumpy. No issues pedaling when electric is turned off. Smooth riding and comfortable seat. Takes some getting used to but great fun! Sturdy too. It is quite the conversation piece.

  28. Charles

    The ebike is great. Compact and lightweight, and the after sales is warm. The installation of children’s seats can be easily learned by their video.

  29. Mark

    The DYU has a very interesting design – well made, but with a few quirks.

  30. Bicycler Tomothy

    Best mini folding ebike I’ve got. It can also be used as a scooter at a 16 kg weight. Portable and with a strong battery.

  31. smithson

    I use this little ebike to zip around campus from class to class and everywhere else nearby. I love carrying the little guy in with me so I don’t have to worry about thieves and such. Plenty of power for most needs. Folds up and down quick and easy.

  32. Reid Walters

    This bike is absolutely incredible!! It goes really fast, it’s sleek, and it looks just as described. I highly recommend it.

  33. Eric Rowan

    Improved power bike based on DYU D1

  34. Anthony Cooke

    Satisfied with both service and the bike, although me being a bit older had to get two younger men to put it together 🙂

  35. Ali Crane

    my first e-bike so opted for this economy model. great looking and has heads turning.

  36. Amirah Langley

    So far so good, I can see nothing I would change, or have a complaint about. I love the pedal assist, it makes for an effortless ride. It’s lightweight and easy to move when not using.

  37. Willson

    Economic bike, affordable and high quality

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How fast can an electric bike go? Dima asked on November 13, 2022


Susan answered on November 13, 2022
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Do I need a driving licence to ride an ebike on the roads? Tim asked on November 13, 2022

If you are over 14 in England, Scotland and Wales you can ride an electric bike on the roads without paying tax, insurance or a licence, although it is a good idea to take out personal accident and third party damage insurance. By law, you do not need to wear a helmet.All this applies to 'standard' e-bikes or EAPCs (electric assisted pedal cycles), which you need to pedal, which have a motor that provides up to 250 watts of assistance and a speed limit of 25kph (15.5mph) for motor assistance。

Jesse answered on November 13, 2022
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HOW LONG DOES IT LAST on full charge Gurdev asked on June 24, 2022


Jesse answered on June 24, 2022
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Weighing only 18kg (39.6lbs)

A built-in carrying handle and lightweight frame for easy portability.

Easy to handle


Popular in Europe and North America

More than 30,000 units sold per month.

Easy to sell


Folds and unfolds quickly and easily

For transit or storage,and fits in car trunks, closets, RVs, and under desks.

Portable and Storeable

Environmental friendly

New energy green cycling

Energy saving and emission reduction, in line with the policies of various countries around the world.

Green travel

DYU is committed to creating innovative e-bikes that are not only ergonomic and elegant, but also lightweight, ingenious, and fun. The inspiration for our first-generation D1 came from one of nature’s most aerodynamic mammals – the dolphin! It’s not just an ideal companion for short and long everyday journeys, but also a high-quality fashion statement that’s sure to turn heads.

Thanks to the positive market feedback, the D1 has been a huge success. As it becomes more popular with consumers, we continue to upgrade and release new versions to meet the configuration needs of different consumers, including D1F, D2F, D3F, D2plus, D3plus, D16, and D20.


Integrated Hub Motor & Battery

Features a 250W brushless rear hub motor and combined it with a powerful 36V 10AH Lithium ion battery packed seamlessly inside the body. A single charge(4-6 hours)can last up to 24.8 miles(40km) range on pure electric power and 24.8-31 miles (40-50 km) range with pedal assist.


Pedal Assist & Throttle

Controllable right from your handlebars,pedal assist means that you’ll never be out of breath when you arrive at your destination. Throttle speeds of 15.5mph (25KM/H) mean that,even without pedaling,you can easily keep up with the traffic around you.

LCD Display

The LCD display will let you know how much juice you have to play .


Bright Headlight & Blinking Taillight

The bright headlight and blinking taillight helps you avoid getting hurt or becoming lost when riding on the trail at night.


Hidden Cables

The cables of the electronic gear shift and the brake lines are hidden in its handlebars.


Tailored For You

The ergonomic seat provides you with an extra comfortable ride. The seat can change up & down to suit your riding position. The seat post is fully adjustable, making the electric bike tailored for you.

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DYU D2+ Mini Folding Electric Bike Overview

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In this video: See the overview of the DYU D3F electric bike

DYU D2+ Smart Electric Bike Unboxing & Assembly

Lire la vidéo sur dyu d2+

In this video: See the Unboxing & Assembly of DYU D3F Smart Electric Bike 

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