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Ultimate Instruction of E Bike: Save Your Life by Reading This

DYU S3 Electric scooter

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All the e bikes are somewhat the same as hoverboard and it can be dangerous when not using properly.  Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44.  And even one of the most famous cell phone brand Samsung explodes and hurts people.

e bike safetyBy breaking the rules or using electronics in wrong ways or picking up a wrong e bike, we’re risking our lives.  As one of the most experienced and realible  CE certificated e bike manufacture, though we have quality gurantee card for customers, we’re still giving you some useful tips in case of danger and unessary losse.

Battery and charge:

Charge between 0 degree – 45 degree, ride between -20 degree to 60 degree, keep the battery dry. Don’t put it in acid and alkalinity fluid. No rain, fire and heat. Don’t put the battery positive and negative wrong. Don’t damage disassemble the battery or use the wrong adapter. Don’t charge it over 8 hours and don’t charge it over 2A.

When not using for a long time, please put the battery in dry and cool place and charge it for 2 hours every 2 months. Follow the instruction or the user will be responsible for the consequence.

When charging, please be careful of the battery type and voltage, place the battery in open air and don’t put it under bright sun shine and closed space.


DYU bike is comprehensible and it even allow you install a child seat on it:

Take out child seat support up and child seat support down, then fix it with 4 M5X12 screws, then fix the child seat on the stent with the outer six angle wrench

Install the child pedal bracket on the frame (like the picture), put it straight up, the fix it with locating screw

Fix the child pedal on the child pedal bracket with 2 locating screws, nuts and pads (like the picture).

When charging, please place the battery first, then connect the electricity; after charging, cut the electricity then cut the battery plug. When the red light lights up, turn of the power, don’t connect the battery when not charging.

When charging, if the indicating light goes wrong or some strange smell shows up or the charger is over hot, please stop charging immediately, then check and repair or replace the charger. When using or storing the charging. In case of something wrong were dropped into the charger, especially the water or other fluids, please don’t take the charger when possible. Otherwise, be careful and put it in the tool box.

No disassembling the charger yourself.

Please check the brake before riding.

Please brake the rear wheel first

Be careful of the tightness of brake. Use the hexagon wrench when it’s loose.

Rainy and snowy days need longer braking distance.

Suitable age: 14 – 45 years old

How to ride the DYU e bike:

Read the instruction first to know the product performance first. Don’t lend it to someone who is not familiar with it.

Wear a helmet when riding. Obey the traffic rules and don’t ride it in the cars road.

Don’t riding it in crowded road.

Inspect the tyre before riding. Tyre pressure should be 35-45 PSI

When go downhill or slippery road, the speed should be under 15km/h

Don’t over impact the motor, keep the axile smooth

Don’t over load. (Max load 120kg)


The bike front and back wheel should be at center of the frame.

Put the bike up after riding at cool and dry place.

Check the motor and brake often.

Check the bike and screws and places that need fixing, fix it often.

Suggested torsion: Bar screws 60 – 80 kgf.cm, bar stand screws 175-200kgf.cm, seat screws 175-250 kgf.cm, wheel screws 320-450kgf.cm

Check the tyre scratches and damages often if the inner tyre and the gas nozzle is vertical. Damage and over scratched outer tyre should be replace immediately. Please ask the professional technician to replace it. When the outer tyre is pierced and leaks air, please contact professional technician for repairing and replacing

Responsibility announcement

All the product model, type and related information copy right and explain right are reserved

This instruction is suitable for denoted models.

Any changing or replace part of the bike will not be informed again.

No copy, modification, propaganda or publication before getting  the permission from F-wheel.

Read the instructions and follow the instructions or the user will be responsible for the damage.

F-wheel won’t be responsible for injuries, casualties and possession damages

For more information please visit www.dyuglobal.com

How to handle the e bike properly:

  1. Charge
  2. Press boot button
  3. After booting, the dash board lights up, and electricity shows up, the electricity has four grid, in according with high, medium and low power.
  4. Horn. Pressing the horn button, the horn sounds up. Clicking recommended. When pressing for over 10 seconds, the horn stops, you need to repress it.
  1. Front light: front light is auto sensing in default. You can shift with APP from auto to manual. When in manual mode, you have to control it through APP.
  2. Brake and back light. Back light lights up when braking.
  3. Zero speed booting and none zero speed booting. Zero speed booting: When the bike stops, you can accelerate with speeding bar; none zero speed booting: the bike boots when it runs only (APP controlled).
  4. Speeding
  5. Uniform cruise: Press the uniform cruse button when ride, then the bike runs at the same speed. Press the button again and brake or release the rotating bar and speed up again then the uniform cruise mode is canceled.
  6. For more functions, please down load the APP (you can install it through scanning the QR code under the seat)
  7. For GPS locating function, please follow DYU official site. (Deluxe version only)

The brief overview of the DYU smart bike.

1.Gear shift 2. Dash board 3. Brake handle 4. Handle bar 5. Power button 6. Standpipe 7. Vertical folding clasp 8. Safety buckle 9. Front light 10. Head tube 11. The front fork 12. Tyre 13. Wheel hub 14. Brake disc 15. Disc brake 16. Front fender 17. Frame 18. Battery box 19. Pedal 20. Kickstand 21. Back fender 22. Back light 23. Seat tube 24. Seat

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