Choosing between D3+ and D3F could be a little difficult if you are not exactly sure of what the difference between these two e-bikes is or what you are looking for. Luckily for you, we are striving to become your go-to e-bike experts to help you along the way with making the best decision when choosing the type of e-bike that would best fit you.

D3+ vs D3F
D3+ vs D3F

Main difference

  • Size: D3+ is smaller than D3F which is only 113.5*21*102cm
  • Material: D3+ used aluminum alloy while the D3F used Metal
  • Smart APP control: D3F does not carry the smart app control feature
  • Speed Display: D3+ comes with a speed display while D3F doesn’t
  • With Suspension: D3+ designed with suspension, while not D3F
  • Battery Capacity: D3+ 10AH, D3F 6AH
  • Net weight: D3+ 18KG, D3F 16KG



These two e-bikes are very similar in appearance, but there are some subtle differences in the design of appearance and performance, so I hope you can learn more about their differences after reading this article.

Both e-bikes are stylish and beautiful, you can never choose the wrong.

Contact us to learn more about all of the various models of DYU E-Bike. We’ll help you find the right one just for you.

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