It’s a common dilemma for people living in small spaces and who also happen to own a bike: where and how to store this relatively bulky piece of equipment. Carrying a full-sized bike around on public transport is a hassle. Some possible solutions include using an accessory that helps the bike fold flat, or getting a folding electric bike. Of course, there are some disadvantages to conventional folding bikes: often, their wheels are smaller, they’re heavy and their ride can feel a bit strange compared to a full-sized vehicle.

qqjietu20150421110343Some people turns to foldding electric bike, for it can be fold together. However, it is still not small and convenient enough to buy an electric bike. So it comes to an difficult condition. What should we do?

F-wheel now gives you the best answer. The electric unicycle is the first model by F-wheel. It represented the original design with great success. Following this successful momentum, F-wheel rolled out other models of electric unicycle D-series, e.g. D3 and D5. Years passing, scooter enthusiasts are still obsessed by models of D-series. The unicycle might stop some green hands, however, its agility excels among all D-series. Those who are skilled at riding D-series like showing their amazing riding skill of D-series. They tend to display their fancy tricks in the streets or squares before pedestrian, like turning circles, sitting on it while rolling, standing upside down and even pushing a car while standing on it. In their eyes, the tiwn-wheeled scooter is an ideal gadget to show off their wonderful riding skills.

Even much smaller than the folding electric bike! No folding bike will excel this new invention, you even needn’t fold it! Pull out the drawbar when you do not need to ride on it, then push it with little strength will be ok. F-wheel electric unicycle is a high-tech intelligent scooter with multiple functions, such as transportation, sports and intelligence promotion. Those unremittingly riding a electric unicycle for a long time can get their cerebellum exercised so as to improve their balance ability and nerve reacting ability. Young people may use it to travel, which can save time and avoid traffic jam; the old may use it to do exercises and strengthen their physique; while kids may use it to have fun and promote brain development. F wheel d5 electric unicycle provides different riding experiences for different groups.

You will be pleased and satisfied if you choose f-wheel electic unicycle while putting aside thefoldding electric bike.

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