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Read Before Riding a Hoverboard: Be Safe Before Being Cool

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Hoverboard, aka smart balance board, self balancing scooter, as an new invention becomes extremely popular in 2015 in USA, and it seems get more and more popular in Europe, especially in UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Spain. Great user experience and dashing social attribute are the main feature of this product. However, everything has two sides and is not perfect. The author of this article kindly remind you to keep safe when riding a hoverboard or operate with it. After all, despite the fun riding with this new design scooter, your safety is also an important part of the user experience.


Riding hoverboard/self balancing scooter with girl friend. Is it cool? Come to join us!

First, keep low speed before you are proficient enough to ride it.

Second, watch out the passers-by. Try to avoid to knock into the walkers on the road.

Third,  avoid deep water in case of short circuit. As an common sense, short out will cause the battery burning.

Fourth, keep an eye on it when charging.

Fifth,  remember to ride it on flat surface.

Seventh, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Eighth, avoid doing hard and fierce actions on the scooter.

Following above advice, you’ll enjoy a safe and sound riding experience.


At last, we recommend you purchase a self balancing scooter with certificates, which means it’s more reliable. F-wheel hoverboard is a classic hoverboard brand with all kinds of certificates since 2013. High quality hoverboard from F-wheel gives you best riding experience.

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