DYU has a lot of different e-bikes and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the different models, so here are our six quizzes to help you quickly understand S2 easily.


  1. What does the S in the S2 stand for and what does it look like?  


The S in the S2 stands for the shark. The design inspiration of the S series came from the little shark and the Ripples.


  1. Is S2 foldable?  


Yes. S2 is foldable. It’s small and easy to carry.


  1. Does S2 have a pedal or not?  


Yes, it has. S2 makes a change on the basis of the S1, adding a pedal。


  1. Is the S2 smallest among the DYU E-bike?


Yes. The S1 and S2 both are the smallest among the DYU E-Bike.


  1. Is the S2 seat adjustable?  


Yes. The S2 is adjustable can meet people’s height between 150-175cm.


  1. Does S2 have a key to control it?  


Yes. S2 has remote key instructions, it’s easy to use and improves safety.

The End

I believe you should have a simple and clear understanding of S2 now, if you want to know more details, please check: DYU Shark S2 Mini E-bike

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