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Intelligent Mini Car Robot iCarbot Appear in 2016 CES

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Word Most Well-known science and technology feast- International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started in Las Vegas, attracting over 4000 exhibitors from over 150 countries and districts.

In this CES, a new kind of product received great attention from millions of visitors besides the intelligent car, virtual reality, drones and other high tech products. This product is from a Chinese Company named F-wheel, which is a famous brand in intelligent travel field. F-wheel showed its new product named icarbot, a new design portable mini somatosensory car.


Li Wei, F-wheel CEO, a 27-year-old young technology man, published a new product icarbot, a new kind of somatosensory car. Icarbot is the official name of this car. I represents the internet, car represents the car, and bot means robot. Its a new design mini car robot with internet intelligence. This new design intelligent mini cloud car has a simple high tech appearance and small volume.  It has the same size with the laptop and weighs only 3.4 kg. People can pick it up with just one finger. This product is the lightest people mover ever known in the world. Though its has small volume. Its motor power reaches up to 500w, and max speed reaches up to 12km/h. And it can load 100 kg weight and climb the slope of 10 degree. According to the report, this motor technique is at the leading place in the world, and its patent is owned by F-wheel company. Icarbot can interact with a mobile phone bluetooth. The user can remote control the icarbot with the mobile phone APP. At the same time, 2.0 Version of this car is able to interact with people with voice. And the human auto following function is added.

This new product has surpassed verge of self balancing scooter scope, containing some human intelligence in some degree and striding forward to the direction of robot field.
A continuous stream of visitors came to the booth of F-wheel. This product will become the hottest product in 2016.

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