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iCarbot Becomes Another Popular People Mover After Hoverboard in US

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Fashion changes with time and now iCarbot stands out of those fashion products and leads a new vogue trend in America. Meanwhile, people from European Union countries like France, Germany, Italy and Spain, besides the newly independent country UK are all having fun with this new gadget.

iCarbot, aka walkcar, four wheel scooter, walking robot, is a new invention by the most creative and experienced German engineers hired by F-wheel company. It has four wheels under the standing board which makes it able to move agilely and flexibly. When people standing on it, they just feel like walking on their own feet. However, its speed is much faster than walking and it’s more relaxing compared to running. The max speed of iCarbot can reach 12km/h, which considering both safety and efficiency, making it the perfect people mover in the metropolitan street. What endows its excellent veer control ability is the electric human body sensor inside the main board of the balance scooter. This human body weight sensing technology is hard to research and develop which has prevent many F-wheel’s competitors like Airwheel, Ninebot and SBU unicycle company from crowding into this field. F-wheel is the only company who has the right to proudly speak and announce that it has the authentic patent of the electric four wheel scooter in the world.

“I ride it to my classroom everyday, and when I arrive at the classroom, I just put it into my backpack.” Said Chris Benjamin, a student from the University of California, Los Angeles, “iCarbot has become my second beloved gadget after the self balancing board. Compared to the self balancing scooter, it’s lighter and steadier. To be honest, it’s much easier to learn, I learned how to ride it in five minutes, even my grandpa learned to handled it with my help in one hour, it’s quite fast to people at that age, haha. However, I don’t think he should ride it, it should be a fashion product to young people. But he explained to me that he just felt it’s so fun. Now I bought him a gift accidentally.”

There is a quite large number of young people like Chris who bought the iCarbot in last few months. Chris is just an epitome of the iCarbot users in Chicago, New York City, San Jose, Philadelphia, San Diego, London, Paris, Berlin, etc. “If you haven’t catch the fashion trend of hoverboard, please keep an eye on the iCarbot. You’ll fall in love with it once you step on it. There is a magic power in it.” Shared Anna Williams, “Now I can’t stop riding it!” According to the report of the sales department of F-wheel company, 78026 iCarbots has been sold out since March, 2016, and the third season sales goal of F-wheel has been accomplished in the second season of 2016. What’s more, the factory of F-wheel company has never enjoyed a holiday once the iCarbot was released in February. And it is in its ultimate pied piper mode manufacturing iCarbot day and night.

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