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DYU to launch King750 eBike with 750W motor & fat tires

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DYU, well-known for its D series electric bikes with compact and stylish designs, is about to launch King750. The new model features upgraded components that bring the riding experience to the next level.

Spoke wheel super power motor, 48V 750W. With the high-speed motor, high torque and high-efficiency design, the eBike will reach a top speed of 28 mph, almost doubling what the D series can achieve and exceeding the most popular peers in the market. The powerful motor also makes the King750 fit for various terrains and needs, taking you to any destination in an instant. The speed would not compromise the safety thanks to the 26*4.0 fat tires that create stronger friction.

Removable high-capacity battery, 48V 20Ah 13S4P 21700/LG/5000mah. eBikes that require regular charging may be irritating for people with a busy schedule. Usually, a full charge takes 3-7 hours, so riders tend to prepare at least 4 hours for the charging. While the battery of King750 is removable, you may charge it anywhere, anytime. Moreover, if you keep a spare one, you can always have a fully charged battery ready to replace the dying one. The range on Throttle Mode is approximately 50 miles per charge, and on Pedal Assist Mode, 60 miles!

Safety-ensuring braking system and all-purpose transmission system.  The power-off brake levers (left and right) cut motor output in a flash. The hydraulic premium disc brakes (front and rear) are sensitive and stable. All of the three riding modes supported by the advanced Shimano 7-speed transmission system put the riding experience in your full control. Wanna exercise, or relax? Going uphill, or downhill? Anything is possible in the most efficient way!

As DYU CEO and founder, Leven Lee, comments, “Here at DYU, we are passionate about bringing green technologies to life. Following D3F, the new model we are about to launch, King 750, is a high-performance mountain eBike, which also represents our highest endeavor to date. We are very excited and we believe it is more than just a bike; it’s a change in lifestyle that will save you time, save you money and help save our planet.”

Learn more about DYU King 750:

About DYU

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, DYU is committed to designing, manufacturing and selling electric bicycles. The over 200-staff strong Huizhou factory operated by DYU has an annual capacity of 600 thousand two-wheeled electric vehicles. DYU’s global network covers 60 plus countries with more than 100 distributors.

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