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DYU L1 is Coming Soon! You will Never Wanna Miss This!

dyu l1

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After DYU & F-wheel colleague’s meticulous preparation, DYU Egret Electric Bike is finally ready to go online!
Compared with previous products, the design of DYU Egret still has a huge advantage.

As the new product of DYU, DYU L1 has put some effort into the styling design of the E-Bike. The Design Is inspired by the Noble and Elegant Egret Bird Combined with Ergonomics an Electric Bike that combines beauty and talent was born.

Now, let’s get a closer look at the DYU L1.

2+1 riding mode

  1. Pure electric mode: Experience the speed and enjoy your street
  2. Assist mode: Elegant and Labor-saving
  3. Fitness mode: Burn calories

You can simply ride as you want!


DTST Intelligent algorithm: Just for running 10km more

Design: Inspired by the egret bird combined with ergonomics that combines beauty and talent

GPS: Combined with APP, it can record the riding track prevention of burglary

Battery: Automobile grade lithium battery+Dual BMS protection

LED: As an information display center of the E-Bike, the LED Digital Instrument panel clearly displays the driving status of the E-Bike.


Weight: L1 only weight 35KG, the battery only weight 4KG

Seize: 1420*627*1004mm

Max speed: 25km/h

Uphill: 15 degree

Motor: 400W high quality and powerful rear-wheel motor

As a new product of DYU, L1’s excellence is obvious.

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