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Experience the power of the DYU FF500 eelectric bike: 500W motor and top speed of 32km/h

DYU FF500 electric bike review: 500W motor and 32km/h speed to make a breakthrough

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DYU recently released several successful products and is poised to achieve another success in 2023. One of these is the DYU FF500 fat tire bike, designed by a team of German designers hired by the company at a significant cost. This new folding ebike will be available for only €1399.

DYU FF500 electric bike folding design
DYU FF500 electric bike folding design


The DYU FF500 is specifically designed for urban cycling. Its wide tires enable it to handle a variety of road conditions, and the removable, built-in battery makes charging convenient for riders. Additionally, the folding frame makes the bike easy to store and a practical transportation option for city dwellers.


The DYU FF500 electric bike stands out due to the following features:


500W powerful motor

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First and foremost, the power of the motor is crucial for an ebike, as it affects the speed and climbing ability. The 500W motor in the DYU FF500, combined with its fat tires, provides a smooth and enjoyable ride even on rough terrain.


Shimano 7-speed transmission system

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The DYU FF500 features a Shimano 7-speed advanced derailleur, which allows you to customize your ride and adjust the transmission to suit different terrain. Whether you’re tackling steep hills or smooth streets, you can switch gears with ease to get the most out of your bike.


Removable premium battery

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The DYU FF500 is equipped with an 18650 LG lithium battery with a Battery Management System (BMS) for energy conservation. The high capacity 48V 14AH battery provides an extended range for riders, allowing them to travel further without needing to stop and recharge.

Shock absorbing suspension system

DYU FF500 ebike suspension system

The front shock absorbing system and advanced spring bump-reducing device under the seat allow for a smooth ride on challenging surfaces. The high-luminance headlight ensures bright visibility at night, while the unique LED circle illuminates your path and increases your visibility to others. These features combine to create a safer and more enjoyable environment for night riding on the DYU FF500.


20 inch anti-skid & flat-free vacuum fat tires

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The DYU FF500 is equipped with 20*4.0″ inch wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, flat-free vacuum tires that can handle various terrains. These fat tires are made of extra-elastic rubber with low pressure, providing excellent shock and vibration absorbency for a comfortable ride on long stretches of road or rugged mountain bike trails.


Multi-function LED display

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The DYU ebike displays a range of riding data, including power, speed, mileage, and gear, allowing you to monitor the status of your bike at all times. It also features a Gear Shift Accelerator for safe, fast power output and an easy-to-read battery charge display.


Rear shelf for kids or cargo

Rear shelf for kids or cargo

The DYU ebike includes a rear shelf for transporting kids, extra luggage, cargo, and other items, making it easier to carry everything you need. There is also an optional front basket available for additional storage.



The DYU FF500 electric bike is a top-performing vehicle with a 500W motor that can handle all types of terrain. It also has a long range of 70km (43.5mi) thanks to its 48V 14Ah battery. Additionally, the front and rear disc brakes provide reliable stopping power. The bike is also foldable, making it easy to carry and store. With three riding speeds to choose from, you can go at your own pace.

Experience the exceptional performance and convenience of the DYU FF500 for yourself by ordering a sample. You won’t be disappointed. If you’re interested in purchasing the DYU FF500, simply leave a message below.

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