Thetraveljunkie.org – We’ve just moved from our home of twelve months down on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We are looking forward to lots of new adventures and getting to know this area. So in perfect timing, our two new e-bikes have just arrived from DYU! We are super […]

DYU Egret electric bike at a glance: A powerful bicycle

DYU Egret electric bike is a new model among DYU series, it’s also named DYU L1 smart bike. DYU Egret is not only improved in appearance but also greatly enhanced in performance. Now let’s take a closer look at the new e-bike. The idea of DYU L1 e-bike originates from the wild creature, Egret. This […]

DYU S2, DYU V1 or DYU L1, which smart bike is the best?

In this guide, we’ll examine what sets S2, V1 and L1 apart, what’s different about them, and why you should consider using them as part of your daily life Riding Comfortness DYU S2: Hollow Seat DYU V1: Widened and Thickened Seat DYU L1: Designed with Ergonomics (But the height of seat are no adjustable) So […]

How to be safer on road with your e-bike: e-bike road rules and etiquette

E-bikes are a great option when it comes to traveling on the road for commuting, fun, or exercise. Not only can you get to your destination faster, you can travel farther than you would be able to on a regular bike – all while reducing your impact on the environment. Workout or sweat-free journey to […]

7 basic common sense for the safe use of electric bicycles

When using an electric bicycle at home, it is sometimes easy to overlook some basic safety operations: such as turning the lights on at night (mainly not for looking cool, but for others to see you), don’t always be lazy and overcharge (making battery easy to explode and catch fire)… …In addition, we should also […]

Global electric bicycle market analysis in 2020

Since the epidemic in 2020, sales of two-wheelers have increased sharply, and electric bicycles have also been among them. Under the epidemic, the need to maintain a safe distance and the surge in food delivery and delivery services have promoted the development of two-wheelers, especially electric bicycles. In China, electric bicycles have shown a good […]

A mini ebike for different heights of riders – DYU Smart Bike

It is not hard to see from the video that both the women and the man can adjust the DYU Smart Bike to their preferred riding heights at ease. DYU Smart Bike meets different heights need. According to different height groups, it is equipped with a humanized adjustable operating lever. Users can freely adjust the […]

A perfect ride starts with a high-quality ebike frame – DYU Smart Bike

A DYU rider deliberately chooses a 20cm high green belt for a test. He leaped down on the DYU smart bike, weighing 180 pounds. Then land on smoothly and move on. A perfect ride starts with a high-quality and sturdy e-bike frame. In the pursuit of safe travel, People sometimes ignore the important protective function […]

Safety tips of DYU mini ebike series

As an increasingly common means of transportation in recent years, electric bicycles especially DYU mini ebike series are found everywhere in the streets. In our daily use of electric bikes, we often ignore common sense of fire safety. Today DYU will talk with you about fire safety issues in the process of using electric bikes. […]

Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

Whether at work or in daily life, I am often troubled by the last mile. Although I already have a big electric car at home, it still feels inconvenient. So, I spent some time studying the small electric bike🛵 Finally, I feel that DYU S2 is relatively good, starting with a 10AH Extreme Edition with […]