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A Stylish Chinese Electric Bike DYU V1 Review on MEGA Magazine

DYU V1 Smart Electric Bike

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MEGA Magazine — DYU V1 is one of the lightest foldable Chinese electric bikes being available in the market. It’s only 1,100mm long, and the handlebar is only 1,025mm high from the ground, not only convenient for you to carry with it into the elevator or go upstairs, but also very safe when you falling down.

It can be folded in one step, simple and easy. After folding, it becomes 750mm high, comparing to its height before folding (1,025mm), which makes it easier to put into the trunk.

DYU V1 illustrates “Less is more”. It is minimalistic with geometric design and simple body lines, and from intuitive experience it is a wonderful two-wheeler.

The V-shaped frame conforms to the ergonomic load-bearing angle. In mechanics, triangles are the most stable structure. V1 adopts V-frame with crossbeam, much safer.

With scientific design, DYU V1’s load is up to 120KG, and steadiness is the word that describes it.

V1 adopts front and rear disc brakes, very sensitive, which ensures your riding safety.

DYU V1 uses thickened and widened seats. Even if you drive it for a long time, you won’t get tired and numb.

Of course, what is more important is the shock absorption. The front and rear shock absorption matching with the solid aluminium alloy rocker arm can conquer every kinds of road.

The function buttons on the handlebars are clear at a glance.

For some electric vehicles, the front lights are not bright enough, and there are no lights at all in the back. If there are no street lights, or too many trees blocking out the street lights, it will be very dangerous.

DYU V1 is equipped with integrated LED lights, whose lighting range and lighting effect are quite impressive. The bright headlight and taillight light your way clearly as well as timely cautioning other people.

DYU V1 carries a 36V brushless motor, which basically has no noise, and the maximum speed can reach 25km/h.

There are three riding modes on DYU V1: pure electric mode, electric assistant mode and manpower mode. The pure electric mode can provide you the fastest speed and 40km of trip distance. The electric assistant mode is the hybrid mode of electric and human power, which can provide you a range of 60km. Manpower mode is the way without any assistance except your muscle. It’s very interesting like riding a fitness bike, good for your health.

When you own such a stylish & lovely electric bike, anti-theft is a necessary thing for you. The remote-control key can lock the bike with one single click, and the bike cannot be started after locking. Moreover, when someone else touch this bike, its intelligent alarm will protect itself.

In summary, DYU V1 has good mile range, easy folding capability, light weight and less space needed, which is an electric bike suitable for someone who pursuits peaceful and safe life.

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