2021 New DYU Smart Electric Bike Model V1 for More Comfortable Travel

DYU V1 Smart Electric Bike

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What we’re going to introduce today is DYU V1, one of the latest smart bike models among all DYU seris.

  1. More comfortable seats

Widen and thickened design makes the rider comfortable in long time riding. No longer have to worry about driving on bumpy roads and getting your buns numb. High elastic cotton core, experience every ride of comfort


  1. No more worry about being stolen

The V1 comes with an anti-theft system that will sound an alarm if someone tried to steal it, making it impossible for criminals to hide.


  1. More options for riding

V1 comes with different models of cycling.

Self-pedaling riding: go out directly like a bicycle. Because the body is small and light, you will not feel tired. Not only can you exercise, you can also ride home when there is no electricity.

Power-assisted riding: The smart sensor system will output half of the pedaling force, making pedaling easier and more labor-saving, while the cruising range is longer, reaching 60 kilometers. This is also my favorite way of traveling.

Pure electric riding: full power up, the power will appear instantly after the handlebar is twisted, giving you a free and enjoyable travel experience.

  1. Updated structure

V-shape triangle designs, ergonomic load-bearing angle, it fully creates a powerful body structure while displaying distinct outline characteristics. It’s also much smaller and lighter, and its collapsible nature makes the V1 much easier to use.


  1. Double shock reduction systems

Front and rear suspension spring, reduce the bumps to a maximum degree.

The front and rear double shock absorption system don’t bother the control and response. With the solid aluminum alloy swingarm, it rides comfortably even if the road is bumpy and long.


  1. Power volume display  

In the process of driving on the road, the most embarrassing thing is what to do when the power suddenly runs out. Considering this factor, the model V1 uses a power display, which makes the battery status of the bike more clears at a mile, and avoids the embarrassment of having to choose to pedal when the power suddenly runs out on the road.

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