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Why We Love DYU Smart Bike L1 (And You Should, Too!):10 Reasons to Own it

DYU L1 Smart Electric Bike

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Here is a list of 10 Reasons Why I Love DYU Smart Bike L1

1. Battery

The soul of all the electric bikes is battery. And guess what? The battery of DYU L1 is removable and rechargeable, and its only 4kg! It gives us more convince to change the battery.

2. Mileage

I don’t even have to say you must find out the mileage must be very long right? Because the battery is removable which means the mileage of the bike is unlimited. Besides, DYU L1 have DTST intelligent algorithm can run 10 more miles; Even if you don’t change the battery the mileage can still reach 100KM!

3. Material

DYU L1 us new materials, which makes it 20kg lighter than similar products. With DYU L1, even a girl can easily go through the city.

DYU L1 ebike

4. Stylish

The Design of DYU L1 Is Inspired by the Noble and Elegant Egret Bird combined with Ergonomics more fashionable and stylish. Imagine riding a DYU L1 down the street and getting envious stares from passers-by. 🙂

5. Riding Comfortness

The DYU L1 had large seat and Front and Rear Shock Suspension system, you won’t feel much bumping when going over some steep roads.

6. Bluetooth Auto Unlocking 

Bluetooth automatic unlock can liberate your body, more show the high-tech design of this product.

7. App Control

Smart app control handle everything at a glance.

Specially Developed LCD Instrument Panel, Concise and Eye-catching. As an Information Display Center of the Bike, the LED Digital Instrument Panel Clearly Displays the Driving Status of the Bike.

8. Easy to be seen

DYU L1 has super bright headlight, it makes you drive more safer at night.

9. Safety

DYU L1 combines BMS and DTST system to monitors the battery state and ensures the safety of operation, which makes the charging safer.

10.Different riding mode

It has three different riding modes.

  • Pure Electric Mode
  • Assist Mode
  • Fitness Mode

You can ride as you want.

DYU L1/ Egret e-bike
DYU Smart Bike

Well, these are the reasons why I love DYU L1,

I believe you want to buy one now, right?

You won’t regret it!

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