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How long does it take to recharge a drained battery?
About 6 hrs.
Does this electric bike indicate when battery is getting low?
Yes, the LCD shows your battery strength.
How do I turn on the head and tail light?
Front light: ON/OFF on the left side of the handlebar is a light switch
The taillight is switched on and off synchronously with the front lights, and the brake lights are highlighted when braking.
Can you put a wire basket over the handlebars?
Yes, you can install iron baskets.
Other Questions
Does the DYU model with pedals (not pegs) have pedal assist to go a longer distance and pedal bike home if battery dies?
Do you need to put air in the tires?
Can you add a basket to the front?
Yes, You can add an hook on basket to the front.
How do you use cruise control on the DYU bike?
Twist the throttle to ensure that the speed does not change within 8 seconds and press the switch to enter the cruise control system.