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Att åka självbalanserande skoter, nytt kul på sommarlovet

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The hot summer comes and people start to find out more things to make the their life more interesting when they are free. F-wheel self balancing scooter (electric unicycle) will free you from the boredom. And it will give you a diffenrent feeling.

Electric unicycle

Summer vacation, for those adults who left the campus, in nostalgia is a noun, it is not as short as winter vacation, summer vacation is always accompanied by voice of cicadas, hot weather and infinitely long and full. But in recent years, childhood was sent to grandparents, grandparents’ house to catch cicada, paddle, catching fireflies that is full of memories of the summer vacation has gone far nature; But something in front of parents now is children how to spend the summer. Surfing the Internet or playing games,…Always being boring at home? Is this kind of summer vacation really good? Let the F-wheel help you to break this summer difficult problem.

“Travel make young people” this is France’s motto, in the west most parents believe that the road landscape, stories, sweat, pleasure, and so on all of these can cultivate children’s independent personality, let children have greater ability to communication with people and handling affairs ability and faced with some problems of the plight of the ability to work under pressure. So, this summer, just go to travel with your children. Of course this does not have to go to far away places to travel. Young parents are both need to work now, and really can accompany their children out through a parent-child time only weekend. So at the weekend, the family take F-wheel two wheel scooter or electric unicycle balanced car to travel together, for a child it is very beautiful and pleasant.


Self balancing two wheel hover skateboard

Parent-child time is just parent-child time on holiday, but why take the F-wheel self balancing scooter?
First of all, it is a process of tired to travel, especially to speed up the pace of young children, parents often need to cooperate with the child’s speed in mobile; Explosive force as to physical aspects, children are often better than adults, energy is sufficient, and parents for a week’s work is urgent need is to rest at the weekend, and the self balancing balance gadget is the most suitable solutions to these problems. On balance, so that both parents and children can have the same speed, travel has become very easy and comfortable.

In a word, let the children and adult have a full, happy and meaningful holiday, is a great thing to F-wheel, and the F-wheel self balancing scooter (two wheel scooter) will  be able to become the good assistant of parents with children, low carbon travel, have a great summer vacation 🙂

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