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DYU T1 20 Inch 25KM/H 36V 250W Elcykel Partihandel

DYU T1 20″ e-bike: stylish, powerful, and versatile. With a 250W motor and top speed of 25KM/H, conquer any terrain with ease. The 36V battery provides long-lasting ride time. Adjustable seat and lightweight frame cater to riders of all sizes. Perfect for wholesale to offer customers high-quality product. Don’t miss out!

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hjul storlek
Hjul storlek
20 tum
10AH batteri
22,5 kg
36V 250W borstlös motor
Uppgraderad mjuk och breddad högklassig sits
Mjuk sits
Fjärrstyrd pryl inuti
högsta hastighet
25 km/h
ladda ner

5 recensioner av DYU T1 20 Inch 25KM/H 36V 250W Electric Bike Wholesale

  1. Sarah Smith

    We tested the DYU T1 20 Inch 25KM/H 36V 250W electric bike, and we were impressed. It’s perfect for daily commutes or leisure rides, with a comfortable seat and shock reducing system. The brushless motor provides a smooth ride, and the 10AH battery offers a range of up to 40KM. We also appreciate the lightweight design. It’s a great value for the price and a solid choice for anyone looking for an efficient and comfortable electric bike

  2. Hannah

    I love the compact design of the DYU bike. It’s so easy to store and carry around, making it perfect for city living.

  3. Marsh Weber

    Letar du efter en hopfällbar elcykel till salu, den här nya elcykeln är verkligen ett kostnadseffektivt val

  4. Troy Parks

    Wow, ny DYU mini hopfällbar ebike kommer.

  5. Darla Marshall

    1-stegs hopfällbar design, kan inte vara bekvämare.

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20 tum


10Ah, 36V

Litium jon batteri

40 km

Per laddning i pedalassistläge

3-stegs vikning

Helfällbar elcykel

The DYU T1 electric bike is designed to make your life easier and more adventurous. With its powerful 250W motor and 10Ah battery, you can travel farther and faster without worrying about running out of juice. The folding design makes it incredibly convenient, allowing you to easily store it in your car trunk or in your home.

Whether you’re commuting in the city or exploring the countryside, the T1 electric bike is the perfect companion. Its compact size and comfortable design make it suitable for people of different heights and shapes. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional bikes and say hello to the ultimate riding experience with the DYU T1 Electric Bike.

Strålkastare med hög luminans

Brighten up your night rides with the High-Luminance Headlight. LED power and a unique circular design provide exceptional brightness and increased visibility. Upgrade now for a safer and more confident ride.

Avtagbart batteri

There are two methods to charge: direct charging or by unlocking, pulling out, and charging. The battery used is an automotive-grade lithium-ion cell with a 10Ah capacity and low self-consumption.

250W powerful motor

The motor system boasts both high power and high torque, optimized in every aspect for significant improvement in power output and greatly enhanced climbing and load capacities

Front and rear mechanical disc brakes

The 20-inch, wear-resistant and shock-absorbing vacuum tires, designed to tackle various terrains. Equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes for a safe ride.

Shimano 7 speed shifter

The Shimano 7 speed transmission system is designed to handle a variety of road conditions, making it equipped for any challenge.

Magnesium alloy frame

Experience unparalleled durability and strength with our Magnesium Alloy Frame. This state-of-the-art material is lightweight, yet strong enough to handle any challenge on the road. Upgrade your ride with our Magnesium Alloy Frame, built to last and perform.

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DYU T1 Smart Electric Bike från DYU Bike Factory för grossisthandel, OEM och ODM • DYU Scooter• DYU Bike Pris

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