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Un nuovo strumento di viaggio è stato inventato da un'azienda high tech in Cina

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A trend evolves with the time and now the iCarbot stands out to be the latest trend of the people mover.


ICarbot showed up on New York Street

A new mini four-wheeled travel tool has been invented by a China high-tech company named Fwheel, which caused a great sensation in a short time worldwide. There has shown up some panic buying in this product in UK, France, Japan, Singapore, and the USA already.


Also regarded as the four-wheel scooter, walkcar, walking robot is one of the most creative machinery manufactured by the German engineer hired by the F-wheel company. It has a standing board supported by four wheels which it easy to move and flexible.

When you stand on it, you will feel like you are walking on your own feet. The interesting feature is that it is faster than walking and will provide you with a relaxing speed then running. It is the safest and perfect people mover on the streets, as it will provide you with an efficient speed of 12 km/h.

What makes it an excellent scooter is the electronic human body sensor on the main board that will balance the iCarbot automatically. This weight sensing technology has helped the F-wheel company to give a tough competition to its competitors.

Fwheel is the only company that has manufactured such an amazing machine and they are proud of what they have launched.

Quoted from Stephen Wilson

The young generation will love this new tool because of its remarkable features and affordability. Manufactured with the highest quality material and technology it is easy to use on any types of streets and its compatible size makes it easy to store even in your backpack.

It can easily take you on hills with a speed of 15 km/h at a 15˚ angle. It will require a two-hour charging time and then will provide you with a 15 to 20 km mileage that will also depend on your weight and the condition of the road. It can easily load 120 kg weight. Therefore, youngsters are unable to resist this cost-effective gadget.

Quoted from Jayne Nelson

He is the dedicated fan of the iCarbot as this product has made his life easier. He takes it to the classroom every day and even his grandpa has learned how to ride it, as it is very easy to learn.

Changing lives:

This innovation is changing the lives of people in the following ways:

· This new energy source is an eco-friendly vehicle.

· Directions can be changed by tilting the body, which makes it safe to use.

· It can be used as a perfect transport vehicle for short trips

· Provide you with a fashionable way of traveling

· Now you do not have to wait for the taxi or bus to reach your destination

So with this dynamic iCarbot change innovate the way you walk.

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