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Why DYU S2 Will Be the 2021 New Trendy Smart Electric Bike? Here Are The Reasons Why

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Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent blockade, there was a drop in the production of e-bikes. However, the market is picking up pace as life slowly returns to normal. Due to the pandemic and the risk of pollution, there is a growing interest in purchasing their own commute when commuting by public transport.

In China, Smart electric bicycle travel has long been the norm, while DYU electric bicycle is also one of the best, exported to more than 60 countries overseas, in the electric bicycle industry has been working for many years. The advantages of the DYU S2 are also obvious.

The advantages are below:

Small Body Size: S2’s release size is only 92*50*91cm(folding size: 92*26*51cm) which can store tight space for people who wanna save space and can easily carry.

Environment Friendly: DYU’s Smart E-Bike are all use Lithium Battery which is very environment protecting. And the Lithium Battery is lighter and more capable than the old battery.

Easy to Maneuver: DYU S2 can be very easy to manipulate it’s basically a small folding bike add with electric motor power. A great choice for the first electric bike buyer.

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Due to the market demand for eco-friendly products, the electric bicycle industry will definitely become the trend in 2021, and DYU electric bicycle will meet such demand, which is why S2 will become the new trend in 2021.


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