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Why DYU E-Bike is In Accordance with the Germany E-Bike Law

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Why DYU E-Bike is In Accordance with the Germany E-Bike Law

After several years of debates and negotiations, Germany has finally passed a new law for bicycles and e-bikes. The new rules adapt to the current technological status quo and support people who ride a DYU E-Bike to participate in road traffic without additional certifications. It is a new era for the industry and a step towards making the world a safer place with eco-friendly solutions.

The new German road traffic law in a nutshell

Up until recently, you needed a special certificate if you wanted to ride a 25km/h e-bike in Germany. From now on, these electric vehicles are equal to regular bikes whether they have a start-up aid or not. It means that you can finally upgrade to a faster and more efficient means of transportation without any hassle.

Additional regulations enable manufacturers to equip bikes with daytime running lights, driving lights and brake lights both in the front and rear sides of the vehicle. This small indication enables e-bike companies to enhance the safety features of their products and make them easy to spot in any weather or lighting conditions.

Why you should upgrade to a DYU E-bike

Now that the new laws are in place it is time to roam the German streets on a safe, quick and stylish F-Wheel electric bike. This smart vehicle is ideal for getting from one place to another with minimal effort and in record time.

A DYU E-bike from F-Wheel is in perfect compliance with the new German e-bike laws, and you can now ride one without a special certificate. This classy bike has a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which makes it legally on par with traditional bikes.

Riding a DYU E-bike is highly-convenient and good for the environment. It features a foldable frame made from eco-friendly aluminum alloy, 14-inch tires, and an adjustable seat. This pure electric bike runs on a powerful 250w motor and a 10ah Chinese Lithium Battery that can take you on journeys up to 60km on a single charge.

Some of the best features of the DYU E-bike regard its smart features, which are conveniently adapted to suit modern needs. You benefit from DTST assisting riding for up to 50Km and use a smart detection app to check the status of your electrical bike on your smartphone.

It also has BMS Smart Battery Management System that sends you notifications on consumption monitoring and protection for high temperatures, overcharging, under voltage conditions and short circuit risks.

Another aspect where the DYU E-bike complies with the new German traffic regulations regards the lighting system. This fancy electrical bike displays a wide-angle lighting system for both the front side and the rear side of the bike. This feature makes cruising safer and enables the driver to see better in obscure conditions.

If you want to ride a high-performance electric bike that is in perfect accordance with the new German e-bike law, you cannot do better than the F-Wheel DYU Smart Electric Bike. Embrace the opportunity of riding a safe and eco-friendly vehicle with optimal city-cruising efficiency.

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