Folding electric bike factories and manufacturers are mainly located in the most famous city of electronics manufacturing, Shenzhen. It’s low price & durable e bike manufacturing ability lies in its years of high tech electronics manufacturing and producing experience. Millions of Shenzhen hoverboards and electric unicycles has been sold to USA, UK, France and Korea and so on in 2016 and it seems this electric vehicle exporting fever is never gonna stop so far, which proves this city’s manufacturing strength one year after another.

One Italy supermarket purchasing manager said, “After the comparison between so many countries in the world, folding electric bikes in Shenzhen  have the overwhelming advantages over other places in the world. Japan facotries lack the manufacturing resources like steel and plastic, US facotries have too much taxed and UK are better in higher tech fields like airplane engines. In conclusion, Shenzhen factories produce the most cost effective folding electric bikes. For example, I profited 2 million dollars for my company by importing hoverboards and one wheel scooters from a China facotry name F-wheel. I was promoted as COO in my company at the beginning of November this year.”

Products that are most famous in recent years before 2017 new year’s day are the electric unicycles and self balanicng scooters. Only observing from the data from the well-knwon factory F-wheel in 2016,   9782 vehicles including smart balance hoverboards with bluetooth,  self balancing unicycles and electric smart bikes were sold out all ready! We still havn’t count the sells in domestic market in China of this facotry. F-wheel CEO Li Wei said, “E bike are getting more and more popular recently, we were afraid of being out of stock before 2017 new year’s day if the domestic market were still so hot then.” So they cut down the supplying amout the e bike before 2016 Christmas day. The folding electric bike crowd funding were so successful that after one minute it was started on the famous domestic crowd funding site, 300 e bikes were sold out immediately online.

This trend is much more feirious than the the rave of the hoverboard in 2015, leading to the F-wheel factory keep working day and night, just like many other manufacturers in Shenzhen. Chances are always there, chances always slips easy.  Many people become billionary by catching the invisible chances.

It’s real time to have a try and win some prize with the manufacturer together.

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