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What makes L1 Egret so different than any other DYU E-Bike

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Electric bikes are different in many ways: appearance, size, battery capacity, material, weight, max load, mileage, motor power, smart control, etc.

DYU is never content with the status quo, has been developing new products to provide customers with new products all the time. And this new approach electric bike DYU L1 Elgret is totally different than any other DYU E-bike. But in which way? Let’s take a look together.

Main Difference 

  • Appearance: A new design that gets inspiration from Egret was adopted in L1, which is completely different in appearance from the usual products. L1’s appearance is more fashionable and out coming.
  • Battery capacity: The soul of all-electric bikes is the battery. The L1’s battery is 12.5AH and removable and rechargeable, and it’s only 4kg! It allows us to replace the battery more easily.
  • Mileage: DYU L1 have DTST intelligent algorithm that can run 10 more miles. Choose the right mode to ride, you can even achieve the best mileage of 100km!
  • Motor Power: The L1 motor is 40V400W this time. Since we had some customers want large motors, then we make it! The L1’s motor is largest than any other DYU E-bike before. It gives more power to this electric bike makes it can easily claim up the hill!


No need for other fancy words, DYU L1 Egret is worth owning.

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