Top 6 Tips You Must Know for Long E-Bike Battery Life 

48V 10AH DYU Electric Folding Bike Spare Battery D3F/D3+

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No matter when, we all hope our electric bike can always run well, no breakdown in the middle of the introduction of life in advance. And prolonging the electric bike’s service life is an essential point in the service life of the electric bike battery.

So here are the top 6 tips for you to take care of your E-Bike battery for long life.

  • Charge your e-bike battery once a month for 2hours when you stocked
  • Keep your E-bike battery dry
  • Don’t misuse the battery charger
  • Avoid Temperature Extremes
  • Don’t overcharge your battery
  • Stop charging when things in unnormal

The above points are listed to learn about how to have a long battery life quickly and easily.

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