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Three New Design Hoverboards Released by F-wheel

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F-wheel company officially launched three new models of hoverboards on 26th June. Those three new hoverboards applied with most advanced and mature self-balancing technology represent the summit in the self balancing scooter field since the famous  Two Wheel Basic model  which was extremely hot in the last few months. Those these hoverboards including  QQ11QQ10 , and  QQ9 . Just like the new product launch of iPhone series, there will be definitely long lines of people waiting in front of doors of F-wheel reselles’ shop to purchase the most outstanding self balancing hoverboards in the summer of 2016 just like before.



It’s really a long time waiting for the new design hoverboards from F-wheel company as to the loyal fans of F-wheel, but it’s always worth waiting. “F-wheel has become a part of my life, walking without F-wheel boards is just like stepping in the darkness. Last year I bought my girl friend a hoverboard and she so was satisfid. I can’t believe she promised to marry me in the summer of 2016. So F-wheel became meaningful to me” Kelvin Smith, the most loyal fan of F-wheel who’s bought 8 diffrent hoverboards from F-wheel said. While waiting for the new hoverboard in line, Kevin weaving through the crowd here and there on the  iCarbot , attracting the jealous and admiring eyes of the people around. iCarbot is also a new product developed by F-wheel company. Almost all the fans of F-wheel have heard about it. However, according to its 666 dollar sexy but a little high price, many fans can not afford it. Natasha Welson also shared after Kelvin, “I can never forget how happy I was when I first received my first  Dolphin Electric Unicycle  from F-wheel from my father, my father sent it to me as my birthday gift! After one year of riding, it still works perfectly. I’m a tech fan who loves new gadget so I fell in love with F-wheel’s new hoverboard at first sight on their official site.”

“High qualit & affordable price of the product is the main reason why young people love F-wheel hoverboard so much”, Said Liwei, the CEO of F-wheel company. If we take QQ as an example, QQ9 model two wheel scooter’s tire size is 10 inch, and its battery is 158.2 WH it used lithium battery. It go up hill up to 15°. And the max speed can reach up 15 km/h, which is much faster than walking. After two hours of charging, its mileage is 15-20 KM and it depends on the rider’s weight, road situation, skill, temperature. Its max loading capacity is 120 KG. The parameter of it improved a lot compared the QQ1 and other brands of hoverboard like Segway,Jetson, Sense, Swagway and Razor, when its price is much lower than them. As a wise customers, no one resist such a cost-effective thing. What’s more, QQ10 and QQ11 even outraced Q9 applied with Samsung battery while there is just little rise of their price.

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