All the best electric bikes in 2018 have their own amazing features and advantages while they have their unique defects at the same time.  The strong bikes with durable batteries usually weigh high while the lightweight ones are weak in the long run; The beautiful smart bikes are stylish while they are not comfortable enough for riding.

electric bike trends

With the development of the battery and brushless motor technology, electric bikes and other Tesla style cars are becoming more and more popular. A few years later, people without electric bike are going to be out of fashion.

There are thousands of kinds of electric bikes on the market but good ones are few. The author as the e bike designer for years who owns a dozen of electronic bikes has some essential advice on how to buy a reliable and suitable electric bike for yourself and picks a few best e-bikes in the world for reference before purchasing.


To make it as clear as possible, the author will list about 20 example electric bikes to give the reader an overall and comprehensive insight and conception on the right ebike choosing and procuring.

1. Sondors electric bike

folding electric bike sondors

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1. Easy to fold.   2. Soft tire, bump reduced.   3. Foot assist.   4. Has a community


1. Poor design: the high frame is uncomfortable for riding and the folding design often fails to work properly.   2. Heavyweight – over 50kg, especially for girls and kids, hard to take it anywhere without a car.   3. High space consuming. The big chunk fills up the trunk of the car and the corner of the house.

2. Cube Bikes

cube bike

Advantages: 1. Strong power  2. Suitable for mountain hiking    3. Good ground grip performance

Disadvantages:  1. Not foldable, space consuming   2. Awkard appearance, not suitable for fashionable city dwellers



3. Kvaern

Advantages:  1. Not foldable     2. No app applied in, not smart

Disadvantages: 1. Only a concept. Not even has been launched;    2. Plain performance specifications


4. Gtech bike


Advantages:  1. Solid one-piece design;  2.Big wheels, more comfortable on rugged potholes and countryside road.

Disadvantages:  1. Taking too much space  2. Not energy-effective. Electricity power runs out fast while riding.


5. Dillenger electric bike

ebikes-banner dillenger

Advantages: 1. Fat tire. Not slippery on the muddy road.  2. High frame with the sports feeling.

Disadvantages:  1. Not comfortable riding in city.  2. Not girls & kids friendly. It brings a strange feeling while girls ride on it.


6. Biruni Bikes

Biruni Bikes

Advantages:   1. Having a backseat. It’s good for food delivery and pizza express;    2. High motor power reaching up to 500 watts.

Disadvantages:  1. Short range per charge – only 20km;    2. Expensive. Over 2 thousand dollars, which buys 8 DYU smart bike while having the similar or even worse experience


7.Gi Fly Bike


Advantages: 1. Folding design;   2.  Streamline appearance;    3. App supported

Disadvantages: 1.Needless to say, this giant and dumb folding smart bike will make you lose all the face while waiting at the subway station. And it’s a great shame to make this disaster happen.  2. Poor battery quality. It’s reported one exploration is caused by the battery of Gifly according to one of the author’s friends who owns it.

gifly bike


8. Aerobic Cruiser

Advantages:  1. A focus on comfort and ergonomics;    2. High motor power – 750 watts

Disadvantages:  1. Ugly appearance. It is in a mass at first sight;    2. Over big size and super heavy body. PS: Weight: 100+ pound


9. Brompton


Advantages:  1. Folding design;    2.  Safe design  3. Slim body

Disadvantages:  1. Complicated folding design;    2. Weak body.  A fat guy can easily bend it down while riding.


10. Daymak


Advantages:  1. Very big tire. Soften the bumps and makes it possible to ride on snow.  2. 7 Speed Shimano Gear shift.

Disadvantages:  1. This bike is similar to the Dillenger electric bike we mentioned above. Not original.   2. High price but not reasonable compared to the Dilenger.  3. Heavy body made by steel


11. Propella Electric Bike


Advantages: 1. Multispeed shifting  2. Lightweight.    PS: It seems most sports bikes without electricity power have these 2 merits.

Disadvantages:  1. Weak motor. 250 watts motor is ok for small wheels, but for this big wheel, the motor is too weak.  2. Sport style. Not comfortable at all. It will be a torture on this bike for a little longer time.


12.  Greaser electric bike


Advantages: 1. Antique style;   2. Vintage design, nostalgia

Disadvantages:  1. Old fashioned;     2. Uncomfortable riding experience.    3.Super high price – over 3 thousand dollars. Not cost-effective.


13. nakto electric bike

Advantages:  1. Fat tire. Bumper reduced   2. Multi-Speed shifting function.

Disadvantages:  1. Heavy body. Heavy steel body makes it have to use fat tire to improve the riding experience.  2. The tire loses gas often which makes the riding experience awful


14. hans free electric bike

hans free electric bike

Advantages: 1. Indoor exercise;   2. Charge the home electronics like LED lights, fans and mobile phones.

Disadvantages:  1. Can not ride outside;   2. Can not take the rider anywhere

15. Carrera crosscity electric bike

Advantages: 1. Affordable price    2. Medium weight 3. Japanese Panasonic battery inside

Disadvantages:   1. Weak vehicle frame.  2. No app support, not smart

16. rogue electric bike

rogue electric bike

Advantages: 1. Long range – 50km    2. High load  3. High speed

Disadvantages:  1. Long charging time – 7 hours     2. Restricted by the law of many countries because of the speed the pedaless design.

17. Jetson adventure electric bike

jetson adventure electric bike

Advantages: 1. Good for mountain and countryside riding;    2.  Medium weight by using aluminum alloy

Disadvantages:  1. Uncomfortable saddle – typical thin sports saddle;     2. Not city friendly  3.Has no rear tile which makes the rider dirty after riding.

18. electric fat bike 36v 350w lithium green

electric fat bike 36v 350w lithium green

Advantages: 1. Good for poor road conditions with the broad tire especially for the beach.     2. Cool appearance for teenage boys.

Disadvantages: 1.Heavy weight.  2. Not folding. Takes too much space.   3. No rear tire. Makes the rider dirty on rainy days.

19. pendleton somerby electric bike

pendleton somerby electric bike

Advantages: 1.Traditional design;    2. 8 speed shifting  3 . 45 Mile long range

Disadvantages:  1. Not stylish to young people.   2. Heavy. Though it takes use of aluminum, it’s size is still big and bulky.     3. Not folding. Not convenient in the city.

20. alta electric dirt bike

alta electric dirt bike

Advantages:  1. High speed. It looks like a motorbike that burns gasoline and shows stunt.     2.  Long range per charge.

Disadvantages:  1. Extremely heavy weight. Over 100 kg.   2.  Expensive. Over 10 thousand dollars.   3. Not allowed in most city streets. Law unfriendly.


21. Tvs electric bike

tvs electric biketvs electric bike

Advantages: 1. Strong motor power.  2. High speed     3. Long range

Disadvantages: 1. Heavy;   2. Expensive;    3. Not in production. Just a concept scooter.


22. carrera electric bike

 carrera electric bike

Advantages:  1. Affordable price. About 1200 dollars.    2. Hydraulic disc brakes. A reliable brake way.  3.  Speed shifting for climbing the hills.

Disadvantages:  1. Plain design. It has no obvious merits when we compare it to other electric bikes.    2. Bad riding experience. It’s first a sports bike. Then the designer adds a motor to it and turns it into an electric bike. The seat and the riding posture make the rider feel like sitting on a sharp stick.    3. Easy to collapse. Top-heaviness makes the ride easy to fall down to the ground


23. DYU electric bike

dyu smart bike
Advantages: 1. Ultra-small size: 1 meter long on a little over  90 centimeters high. 2. Super small folding size It can fold on itself and reach only 70 cm.  A lot of room saving in crowded cities and your trunk. 3. Lightest weight electric bike in the world. It weighs only 14 kg that even the primary student and lift it up by one hand, leave alone the teenage girls. 4.  Solid aluminum alloy frame: it amazingly holds up over 100 kg adult easily. 5. Foot assisting system.  6.Stylish appearance. Fashionable appearance attracts millions of youngsters’ attention.   7. Powerful motor.
Disadvantages: 1. Poor app support. The app design breaks down every now and then and is always improving. Luckily, the bike is not relying on the app much.    2. Too light to be stolen. Easy to be taken away by the girl by the single hand, let alone the strong passersby. DYU company gets a great number of reports from the customers about the bike being stolen.
 dyu folding electric bike

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Conclusion: Above smart bikes are the elites and rising stars in the electric bike industry. Every ebike is the best in one or two aspects in appearance or performances except the DYU smart bike, which is good enough in almost every side. You can’t be wrong according to the choice of millions of DYU smart bike users. People who are new to the ebike may benefit a lot from this article and save time in choosing the proper ebike.

To get around the city, cycling is one of the most practical ways. Meanwhile it’s good for the environment and eco-friendly. Although the electric bike is sometimes difficult to overcome certain distances and other poor road conditions, it is very useful for most city trip especial in the traffic jams still. Below is the article for the people who are still hesitating at the door:

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To profit in the electric bike field, you need a cost-effective manufacturer in the world and China can be the best manufacturing country for e-bike. Meanwhile, China is experienced in e-bike manufacturing and owns over 200 million e-bikes in the world.


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