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Zhengzhou People Regeringens vice borgmästare Huangqing inspekterade F-hjulsutvecklingsbasen

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Zhengzhou People Government Vice Mayor Huangqing visited F-wheel Research and Develoment Base and chatted with F-wheel CEO Liwei deeply and affectionately on 9th, July. At the same time, the mayor spoke highly of F wheel and praised F wheel for its outstand performance in high technology and innovation field as a famous global brand with great achievement.


Huangqing, the Zhengzhou People Government Vice Mayor, is mainly responsible for industrial development, high tech development, safe production and national asset supervise and some other key work. He is also in charge of technology bureau, the ministry committee, work safety bureau, the sasac, intended, pledges inspect bureau, small and medium business administration of the city . It is the real time that the country encourage the innovation and science development of the age. F wheel will walk ahead of the leading enterprises and keep on inventing more and more practical high tech products.

The self balancing product series invented by F-wheel has now started a new mode of hot selling in global market. More and more friends from all over the world from different countries and nations are now start to get access to it and enjoy it.

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