Reported by Forward Geek– Save time and do more with the iCarbot four-wheeled electric hoverboard by F-wheel.Everyone hascommitments we take on everyday and we just wished they were done rather quickly. Understandably,as time flies by and there are lots of things people would prefer to do, such as spending time with loved ones..


Take charge of your time and get things done smartly with the iCarbot four-wheeled electric hoverboard. With the iCarbot four-wheeled electric hoverboard you get the work done comfortably inless time.

Get chores done around the house faster or enjoyworking whilebalancing on this amazing hoverboard.

Want to cruise this Halloween? Then you gotta have this in your collection.

iCarbot has been widely acclaimed as the new generation transporting tool in the UK andEuropa.

A product of F-wheel, iCarbot has revolutionised the electric hoverboard industry with its simple design yet sophisticated mechanism. Little wonder demand is high, with large number beingshipped out daily.


Features of the iCarbot

Peoplesee the trend that the number of wheels ofscootersinself balancing scooters have been increasing. “One wheel is resilient enough to withstand a few bumps and bruises while the two wheels can’t. Meanwhile hoverboards also have a lower speed compared to a unicycle. However, it’s much easier to learn,” said, Tamourk, an electric unicycle rider for 3 years.Lower cost and an easy learning curve make it easy to ride. A four wheeled scooter is definitely much more steady than one or two wheel scooter.

iCarbot is the next trend after hoverboards.

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