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DYU S2 10 Inch 36V 250W 25KM/H FMini Electric Bike Wholesale

Explore city streets with the DYU S2 Smart Electric Bike. Weighing just 15kg, this 10-inch, 36V 250W e-bike offers a 40km range, making it perfect for urban travel. Contact us now for wholesale, retail, and distribution details. Experience the convenience and power of the DYU S2.

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wheel size
Wheel Size
10*2.5 Inch
6AH lithium-ion battery
17.6 kg
36V 250W brushless motor
Upgraded soft and broadened high-end seat
shock reducing
Brake system
Front & rear disc brakes
remote control
Remote-control gadget inside
Range using throttle mode
Range using pedal assist mode


20 reviews for DYU S2 10 Inch 36V 250W 25KM/H FMini Electric Bike Wholesale

  1. Hajra Howell

    I bought the DYU S2 smart electric bike a month ago and I’m very happy with it. It’s a small folding e-bike that fits in my car trunk and on the bus. It has a 250W motor and a 10AH battery that give me enough power and range for my daily commute. It’s easy to ride and control. It also has front and rear lights, disc brakes, and a horn for safety. The power bike price is reasonable for its quality and features. It’s a great e-bike for urban travel or leisure riding. I highly recommend it.

  2. Michelle Kim

    I recently got the DYU S2 smart electric bike and I’m really impressed with it. It’s a mini foldable e-bike that’s perfect for daily commuting in the city or weekend rides in the suburbs. The 10-inch wheel and 350W brushless motor provide a smooth ride and the 10AH lithium-ion battery offers up to 50km of riding range, so I can enjoy hours of riding fun.

    The bike has a maximum speed of 25km/h and weighs 19.5 kg, making it really easy to maneuver and transport. The 3-speed gear shift is a great feature that allows me to adjust my speed based on the terrain and conditions, and the bike has a maximum load capacity of 120kg.

    In pedal assist mode, the bike can go 30-37 miles per charge with a top speed of 15.5 mph, which is perfect for longer rides. Overall, I think the DYU S2 smart electric bike is a great choice for anyone looking for a portable and convenient option for city commuting or weekend rides in the suburbs.

  3. Jackson

    I love the convenience of the electric assist on the DYU bike. It makes riding up hills a breeze and I can easily control the level of assistance to match my riding style.

  4. Philip Ortega

    Is it jetson bolt pro electric bike? No, it’s DYU. Interesting.

  5. Kim


  6. Sundra

    Excelente bicicleta 🚴‍♀️ le dura muchísimo la carga

  7. Phillip

    No folding pedals or alarm system as the premium edition but still and AWESOME little bike

  8. Viki P.

    Fun bike to ride!
    I love my e-bike, it is perfect for tooling around the neighborhood. I have a few aches in my legs and this bike is so perfect, because if I get tired or need a break, it gives a little boost. We live in the foothills of Connecticut and there are quite a few hills on my bike rides, with the e-bike I can still enjoy a good ride and get up those hills! I still peddle with the boost up the hills , just with out too too much effort or pain. It rides like a regular bike most of the time, but feels easy for me, which makes our lovely rides really enjoyable. I may get a cushion for the seat if we decide to go on longer rides, the seat is okay, but needs a little more cushioning for me. I bought a cup holder with Velcro and was able to easily attach it to the front. You are also riding sitting up rather then shrugged over like a racing bike, although you can lean in if you want a little extra power. Great bike worth every penny!

    Image #1 à partir de  Viki P.
  9. Antony

    Je l adore tout simplement

  10. C.

    My boys had one for 2 years here in UK, very rare over this way

  11. Anuar Hussien

    It’s small but powerful, it’s portable & fits in my car with ease. Ride quality is good thanks to the suspension seat post. Gets me to 15mph with ease and goes up hill without issue. Holds charge well, build quality is good, no creaks or speaking.

    This is my new fun little bike that I can take into shops for small grocery shopping.

  12. Adam T Doscher

    My first DYU came with a faulty battery and controller. The replacement came with a cracked front light ??. I feel like if I keep sending them back Id eventually end up with a perfect specimen of what DYU intended. However, Im not so sure Id have the same relationship with the DYU if it were perfect. I really like this quirky little ride. Its not fancy, its not fast, its not particularly comfortable after several minutes of riding and you look ridiculous on this thing but it is so much fun! I think this is perfect for fair weather trips around a park or neighborhood on flat terrain. Yes, it will carry you around on turf grass. Yes, it will travel on gravel. Yes, it will inch along and take you up a very slight incline. But the 250W motor and 10 wheels limit the it to something vastly unnecessary and chiefly for laughs. Dont expect too much from it. Get it because you want something fun for short distances on flat surfaces. Dont get it and be angry because it wont climb mountains. Its lightweight, silly and sort of pointless but above all it is incredibly fun!

  13. Ollie White

    Portable city ebike

  14. Oakley

    Lots of fun like the seat ,and the battery charger built in,like most of your others.

  15. James Owen

    Battery life is good. Rode it for about 5 (quick breaks during the ride) miles and still more than half based on the light indicators. This is a very convenient bike to have and you can leave it unfolded and it still would not take up that much space.

  16. Panos

    Hello from Greece. I have bought the dyu d1f for 2 months now, and I am absolutely happy. For this reason I recommended it to many friends and acquaintances

  17. Edward

    DYU S2 comes with plenty of luxury features, built right in to it’s beautiful, sleek design. Great bike for relaxing travel.

  18. kamrul hasan


  19. Laura Hill

    Very sturdy quality. Impressive design.

  20. Troy Riddle

    Small but also have clean lines

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Q & A

Dose it have a USA style of plug-in to charge it? P asked on June 25, 2022

Yes, it does. While European style for Europe area

Tom answered on June 25, 2022
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How tall of rider can use this? Amy asked on June 25, 2022

So from review videos, they said people who are 5’8 would be comfortable but anyone taller may not be. Now I’m 5’8 and it is a little tight but I don’t mind it.

oceanwavesbye answered on June 25, 2022
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Top travel speed


Travelling range


Total bike weight


Easy to ride even by kids

The S2 electric bike is an incredibly unique hyrbrid between an E-Bike and an E-Scooter. With smaller 10-inch wheels and a comfortbale shock absorbing seat, let this small bike take you wherever you need to go at anytime.

The DYU S2 is a stylish smaller streamlined design and ultra-lightweight at only 15kg that can be lifted easily. The S2 is the only bike legally allowed on a bus in Europe because of its size, this makes the S2 unique and appealing for city travel. It comes with a powerful 10AH large capacity lithium battery, it ensures a 45 km range. The high-speed brushless motor is 250W that makes going up small hills a piece of cake.

The S2 comes with an easy remote key control to conveniently start, stop or lock the bike. Featuring highly durable explosion proof vacuum thickened tires the S2 is suitable for all road and path conditions and with its one-step handlebar folding ability you can easily transport and store the S2.

With an adjustable seat for different height, built-in suspension system for comfortable riding experience, front and rear dual disc brakes for safe travel, LED headlights and brake taillights for reassuring riding at night. The DYU S2 is a small and convenient travel bike for daily life.

Wear resistant

Featuring highly durable and wear-resistant and explosion proof vacuum thickened tires. The S2 is suitable for suitable for various road conditions durable and non-slip.

Remote control

The S2 comes with an easy to use remote key control to conveniently start, stop or lock the bike.


The DYU S2 is equipped with front high-brightness LED headlights and rear taillights that will automatically light up when braking.

LCD Display

The S2 features a gear shift accelerator to output the electric power safer and fast while you ride with easy to see battery volume on display.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Sensitive front and rear disc brakes greatly shorten braking distance and ensure safety. The high temperature carbon treatment on the brake disc and dynamic balance detection technology helps avoid high temperatures and excessive wear on the brakes.

Integrated steel frame

The whole bike frame is formed at one time and the high carbon steel material is stronger and lighter. This allows a maximum load capacity around 150Kg.

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