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Latest Upgrade of Dolphin Electric Unicycle

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The dolphin one wheel scooter is one of the most classic products in F-wheel company. It had been hot selling for over 2 years. Recently, according to the user experience and the feedback from customers, F-wheel upgraded the dolphin electric unicycle once again.


Dolphin one D5-S reserved two colors including white and white-black stripe. Kylin-S reserved single color as white-black stripe.

The appearance was simplified;
Lifting bar was ungrade making it more comfortable to lift the unicycle;
Riding comfortable feel was upgraded;

Riding speed was upgraded reaching up to 30km/h;

Motor power upgraded from 500w to 800w.

Riding safety protection was upgraded
Main board was upgraded. Latest board solution and algorithm were taken into the main board.
Main board protection  was upgraded. Aluminum box sealing design boosted the protection function, which improved the mainboard heat dissipation performance significantly.

Back to the essentials of the unicycle, cutting away fancy but useless designs.
Max speed: up to 30 km/h
Better user experience: Three new modes were added including Player Mode (hard), Commuting Mode (middle) and Beginner Mode (soft)
Safer riding: Added low power riding speed limiting protection function and large current & high speed restriction function at high speed.

Most portable draw bar: With the invisible draw bar with original patent, you can push the unicycle elegantly through the crowd when at low battery power, say bye to awkward unicycle carry situation.

Meanwhile some not practical functions of Donphin One/Kylin were taken away. The model numbers were cut down when the performance were upgraded.

Model: Only type D5 and D2 are reserved, upgraded as new model D5-S and Kylin-S
Meanwhile, some useless functions were taken away, like
Circular atmosphere lamp was taken out;

  • USB interface was taken out;

Bluetooth speakers was taken out;
Invisible kick stand was taken out;
Yellow, Blue, Red and Black Color were taken out;

The dolphin unicycle becomes more powerful and safer after the upgrade.  The years of manufacturing experience in the electric unicycle field of F-wheel finally makes its product cost-effective and user friendly.

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