Is there any difference between Fwheel A1F and Fwheel A5?

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The difference between Fwheel A1F and Fwheel A5 may not always be apparent for customers. This can create a little confusion to customers, that’s why this short article appears. Let’s take a look together.

A1F                                                                             A5

Main difference  

                                              A1F                    A5

  • Wheel Size:               16inch                 14inch
  • Tube suspension:       No                      Yes  
  • Battery capacity:         5AH&5AH          7.5AH&21AH
  • Battery:                       Not removable   Removable
  • Motor Power:              250W 36V          350W 48V 
  • Max Distance:            15KM/30KM        40KM/110KM
  • Keys Remote control: No                       Yes
  • Net Weight:                18KG                   23KG



Both Fwheel A1F and Fwheel A5 are all classic bicycle shapes, but at the same time retain the consistent style designed by Fwheel&DYU, simple and smooth lines.  

Contact us to learn more about all of the various models of DYU E-Bike we can help you find the right one just for you.  

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