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iCarbot: CCTV News Broadcast Special Report, F-wheel New Design Balancing Vehicle Product Launch

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CCTV News Broadcast Special Report: F-wheel New Design Balancing Vehicle Product Launch
Summary: In the recent years, innovation and doing poineering work in the economical field is blooming at the basis of political support from the government and the consensus. F-wheel is a science oriental innovation company under this background which has been reported by many medias. This time, F-wheel new product research and development enjoyed a close care from the  Number 1 television in China, CCTV, China Central Television, News Broadcast. Four minutes of special broadcast in the gold time at the evening makes F-wheel the shinning star in the self balancing scooter field.

In the evening of 8 th, December, News Broadcast, a famous column of CCTV, a program named New Conception, New Development reported F-wheel company as a model of Innovation and Enterprising. In the report, CCTV called all the enterprises in China to learn from the advanced conception and innovative actions of F-wheel.

Keep the Advantages in the Technical Field


Since establishment, at the basis of overall perspective. F-wheel company aimed at intelligent green travel industry, seizing the direction of the market precisely. Meanwhile, combine its products closely with the policy of the government. F-wheel aimed to making progress of science and technique innovation in the self balancing vehicle field, winning a number of patents and succeed in keeping its leading role in the field of technique field.

Technique Leads the Progress of Production Ability


Technique is converted to Production ability which has brought quantity of profits to F-wheel. F-wheel red rabbit series, dolphin series and many other new series has received a large number of orders and praise. Its products have been exported to over 50 countries.

Because of its advanced self balancing scooter technique and reliable product quality, the impression of overseas customers on the Made in China products has improved a lot.

Concentration from the Media and Enterprise Honor

Previously, F-wheel has been reported by Global Times, RTL, the largest German television and many other famous domestic and overseas medias. F-wheel has also become the long term partner of famous Zhengkai Marathon in China.  In 2014, F-wheel won the Best Social Responsibility Prize, Best Vehicle Company Prize and the Most Influencing Brand Prize. In May, F-wheel was visited and praised by Cao Jianlin, the minister of National Science & Technology Department.

In the campaign of Internet Plus University Students Innovation,F-wheel has won the silver pri Personal Intelligent Green Travel Ecosphere. What’s more, the vice minister of the State Council in China granted an interview to F-wheel CEO.

When water flows , a channel is formed . China Central Television made a special report to F-wheel
F-wheel steps in the front of innovation in the leading place of this industry. This CCTV special report is the sign of approve from all walks of life in the society to the sales and scientific workout of F-wheel. F-wheel company will improve its innovative ability and release more competitive product. At the same time, F-wheel take the chance of The Mass Entrepreneurship & Innovation, realize the great-leap-forward development. F-wheel will try to be a honest company and earnestly try to make more innovation.

The Development of the Enterprise need the Dream of the Founder

Enterprise’s development cannot leave the founder’s dream, F-wheel will, too. Li wei, the look is not tall, thin skinny men of science, but his body is full of passion, led his team to continuous efforts, continuous innovation, overcome many obstacles and difficulties, towards your dream in the heart to realize the of one step a footprint.The CCTV “news broadcast” in reporting on F-wheel in the growth process, is to the F-wheel, founder Li wei, insist on your dream, innovative undertaking finally let the dream become a reality as the breakthrough point to broadcast.

Icarbot initial dream into reality

Li wei first dream is to design a can carry instead of walking tool, from the initial one-wheel since the balance of the car, to the double twisting, car, or double the balance of the car, in the public can be accepted, portable, easy to learn and easy to use goal in stride.

Li wei, however, does not meet the status quo, led his team in recently and the development of a subversion of traditional and new concept of intelligent transportation, the world debut on December 29, 2015.


Icarbot, just like walkcar,this is the official official name for it, it also has a cool fashion Chinese name, Xiaoaiyunche, meaning small car like cloud. The size of a notebook pedals, four-wheel balanced, with a body control, and mobile phone APP interconnection, human-machine intelligent interaction, lithium batteries, 3 kg super light weight, easily take away into a backpack, and traditional single-wheel, two-wheel self-balancing vehicle, users no longer need to learn a year earlier, can be used directly, now we got the news from the official so much, looking forward to the arrival of the product launch!

Predictably, this new product, once launched, as long as the price is reasonable, the absolute caused great interest of the consumers, make intelligent transport not only minorities cool toy, but everyone needs, the transport of mass real smart, such markets immeasurably in the future.

This time, Li wei and his F-wheel team once again walk in the forefront of scientific and technological innovation!

F-wheel will start selling this product iCarbot on 29th, December. Welcome to leave a message below for detailed information about wholesale, resell, pre-order or any other question about this product.

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