L'histoire derrière l'iCarbot, le futur outil de voyage intelligent. Tu aimeras

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F-WHEEL Industrial Company, which is a Sino-German joint venture corporation founded in 2012 in Germany. It is a high-tech company that operates on high tech portable travel tool product manufacturing, researching and development, as well as sales and marketing activities. F-WHEEL is on a mission to realize intelligent green travel industry and boost the improvement of human transportation situation. F-WHEEL dedicates to researching and developing the intelligent self-balancing vehicles including self balancing scooter, aka hoverboard, self balancing unicycle and other city short trip intelligent travel tools , owning a large quantity of patents. F-WHEEL has founded three researches operation base before its foundation. In high-tech city (Shenzhen,China) it has also founded R&D and production base. Meanwhile,(Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd), as a subsidiary of F-wheel, has invested a large quantity of money in building the top workshop, expanding and developing the R &D team. In international city (HongKong), this trading company (Counterbalance Technology (HK) Co., Ltd) operates international trading business at the same time.

In January 2016, F-wheel released a new design vehicle named iCarbot. It is a four wheel scooter that people can stand on it and move freely.This idea firstly came out from Japan. However, they didn’t do it or push it out to market. F-wheel take this chance to do it and make it real et purchasable with low price with only 320$ on F-wheel official website. This vehicle can sense the weight of people and move just like self balancing scooter without any other control from outer device. It is a intelligent scooter that can feel the people. Now, anyone who is interested in this new concept scooter and wish to make money by reselling or enjoy it with yourselves is practicable now.

Project researching background: Since the invention of F-wheel electric unicycle in 2014, they received the feedbacks from all over the world. Those feedbacks reflect in 3 aspects: First, low safe coefficient; Second, too hard to learn; Third, weighing 10 kg,relatively too heavy, making it not suitable to carry with. With the invention of self balancing scooter, the learning problem is lessened. However, the problem of low safe coefficient is still not solved. People often stumble on the hoverboard and get hurt. What’s more, the weight of self balancing scooter, aka hoverboard is about 10kg, which makes it not suitable to carry too. At the beginning of 2015, I,Li Wei, as the CEO of F-wheel,lead my research team to work on this project for several days thinking about designing and developing a new product. This product must be safe and easy to learn, meanwhile, it should be portable. Finally, they came out with the idea of iCarbot, a four wheeled scooter. Its weight is below 4 kg. With 2 months of market investigation, they unanimously believe that this new product has achieved 3 extremes: Safe, Easy to learn et Portable. It has a broad market in the near future.

In March, I lead the team and established up an iCarbot development team. I take the position of development team leader, responsible for the entire project & the requirements of the development. Shenzhen subsidiary company CEO Mr. Tian take the position of chief engineer for the project development & the chief designer, responsible for resource allocation, personnel job distribution, development plan making & technical problem solving. After the decision, they all look for the solution method day and night, finally, they identified the technical difficulties mainly in three aspects: 1, the design of the motor, 2,  the design of the control algorithm, 3, the design of changing the pressure into motivation.

Ordinary motor cannot meet the requirements of light weight, they find professor Chen Zhixiang,who have made outstanding contributions in China manned space engineering first flight test, as our motor development consultant. They solved the technical problem of the motor quickly, the motor weight is designed as light as 270 grams, 250 w. In the aspect of control algorithm, they adopted double motor foc control method, making great improvement in motor control. As to the procession of changing pressure into motive, they thought about the pressure sensor using the method of the gyroscope. Thus the problem of changing pressure into the speed was successfully solved.

After the solution of several major technical problems, the following procedure is to design the appearance & hardware of the product, etc. In the development process, of course, they also encountered a lot of big and small problems. However, through our unremitting efforts, countless night working, finally, our product came out!

Now, let’s have a look at the masterpiece in F-wheel history in 2016 Spring.

Atomsphere lamp too cool to extricate themselves. Millions of color to choose, App intelligent control just do what you want



Extremely simple appearance showing technology. Simply designed appearance, magnesium alloy frame structure, fahion, high-grade, elegant


App contact to people and car. Mobile control, intelligent testing, internet social networking


No lighter only the lightest: 3.4kg. Magnesium alloy material cooperate advanced manufactural technology


Direction depends on the center of your gravity


Atomsphere lamp too cool to extricate themselves. Millions colors, App intelligent control just do what you want


Our team:


Risks and challenges

F-wheel is a professional company in the portable travel tool researching, manufacturing and marketing. We have a factory manufacturing all kinds of high tech intelligent travel tools like self balancing scooter, aka hoverboard, electric unicycle and segway boards. This time, we’ve spent over one year to invent this new design four wheeled scooter, iCarbot.
As we all know, the product needs a minimum quantity before starting its manufacture in order to reduce its production cost.
So they published this project to call for support and help to make this project more successful when making you rich.
We are driven to get this product to you on time. However, not even our typically Chinese urge for punctuality can fully protect us from doing humanly mistakes or crashing into unforeseen difficulties, any of which could delay shipment. As much as we want to stand up to our promise, we realize it is a demanding hardware project and if anything goes haywire we will always keep you updated in a timely manner.
This is a brand new conception that no one has come out with or made it real before. The earliest supporters & founders will benefit from this new breaking design not only in financial field by reselling or discount, but also having great fun with the iCarbot.

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