Vélo électrique intelligent DYU D3+

Nouveau vélo intelligent DYU D3 + au design minimaliste avec l’expérience de conduite la plus CONFORTABLE, un corps de vélo durable et des performances puissantes. Bienvenue à nous contacter pour plus de détails sur la vente en gros, la vente au détail, la revente et la distribution.


wheel png
Wheel Size
14 Inch
bike size

Riding size: 1150*487*1023mm

Folding size: 1150*290*700mm

10AH battery
weight png
18 kg
36V 240W brushless motor
Upgraded soft and broadened high-end seat
Soft seat
Folding 1135*210*510mm ,riding size: 1135*210*1002mm
Remote-control gadget inside

32 avis pour Vélo électrique intelligent DYU D3+

  1. Johnny

    Sturdy and premium small ebike.

  2. Aidan Lawrence

    One of the best electric bikes.

  3. G.F.

    DYU bikes are so cute and portable.
    After many weeks of rain, today is full of sunshine and blue skys, so out comes the bikes to explore the Broadwater parklands cycleways at Gold Coast Queensland Australia. I would like a dollar for each person who comes up to us and says those DYU bikes are so cute and portable. Yep they go everywhere with us!

  4. Momma T

    We received this bike and it had signifigant issues from the get go. Definitely was not operating as intended. Reached out to the seller and they were great to work with. Good communication and shipped a new bike right out. We received the new bike and it functioned great. Really great item!

  5. Patty T

    Easy to assemble. Easy to ride and portable Got it to use when I fly around on my Cessna 182

  6. David Jones

    Works great for in town or low distance in city. You can get about 45 miles on a charge.

  7. D

    Nice product

  8. Kemar

    I like the way. It. Luck
    Like to. Stroll

  9. Peter

    When its battery runs dry, there are pedals to fall back on or generate more power, much better than my last mini foldable bike.

  10. Dragoslav

    Smart and affordable ebike. Great commuting tool.

  11. Double AA

    Assembly was very easy. I only had to install the pedals, the seat, the front fender and tire, and attach the control module to the handle bars. Smooth to ride

  12. Justin Morrison

    It’s lucky to find the DYU ul2272 seated electric scooter on Alibaba. I trusted the stock dyu seller and they didn’t let me down. Nice people to work with.

  13. Techlines

    The automatic cruise control allows me not to hold the handle all the time. I love this design.

  14. Elizabeth

    DYU D3 is one of the best e-bikes I ever had. I ride it every day and put up some stickers to make it look adorable. Nice!!

  15. Mike

    Hi I got a dyu d3 am in the UK
    I am a adult and love it

  16. theodosiaioannoy

    We have 2 of your DYU bikes.. We live in Greece ..you should be proud of your product!! The best ebikes!! We love them

  17. Evgeny

    This is a very popular bicycle in Russia. I bought myself and another one for my wife. We ride with the whole family with pleasure. The child is delighted, he always rides with us in the child seat. Good quality, thank you!

  18. Sai ram raju

    Hey your e bike is awesome

  19. Dominique

    The F-wheel DYU Electric Bike is a lot of fun to use, and more so once you become comfortable with its tiny design.

  20. David L Topper

    I have an older version and love it. However, buyer beware, you will not be able to find a battery for this model if it dies or goes bad and I don’t understand why dyu doesn’t sell them. While I still love mine, I’d pick a different version where you could find a replacement battery.

  21. Good Vibe Gliders

    Good Glide Approved!

  22. Qicycle Wills

    An inexpensive but very well-designed electrically assisted pedal bike

  23. Danzo Enzo

    Hi am ENZO from Nigeria I would like a sample of this bike here in African to get more reviews and comment. I have seen some review already and is good.

  24. Rome

    Best thing I ever could have bought for my camper ,love it

  25. Manni

    Sturdy one.I have used it for 5 weeks and it’s still as strong as a new.

  26. Rachael

    This mini foldable little bike is adorable!

  27. ekacnap

    Based on my first week of owning an DyuD3, I’d say the D3 is a fun and sturdy product that automakers might end up scared of.

  28. Mary

    Nice bike for town errands

  29. Amber

    F-wheel produce qualified Dyu electric bike and scooters with certifications as other or CE and support OEM and customized designs. I love its trendy product design especially the appearance

  30. Kobe Salinas

    Luv it. My work is about 6 miles away and I go to it and back without having to recharge

  31. Ashlyn Ball

    I’m new to E-biking, in fact, haven’t done any biking for decades but I’m really enjoying this!

  32. Eva Riley

    Much higher quality than I expected. This is a good e-bike. Been running around for 2 months now. Nothing loose, nothing feels cheap. It just works.

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Weighing only 18.5kg (39.6lbs)

A built-in carrying handle and lightweight frame for easy portability.

Easy to handle


Popular in Europe and North America

More than 30,000 units sold per month.

Easy to sell


Folds and unfolds quickly and easily

For transit or storage,and fits in car trunks,closets,RVs,and under desks.

Portable and Storeable

Environmental friendly

New energy green cycling

Energy saving and emission reduction, in line with the policies of various countries around the world.

Green travel


So passionate is DYU about creating an innovative e-bike.Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and fun. 

DYU made it when our first generation D1 was created. The frame took inspiration from one of nature’s most aerodynamic mammals – the dolphin!It is not only an ideal companion for long and short everyday routes, but also a high quality fashion design.A talking point wherever it goes.

The positive market feedback proves it is a huge success. As it is more and more popular with consumers, we keep upgrading and have made a series of versions to meet the configuration needs of different consumers,which include D1F,D2F,D3F,D2plus,D3plus,D16 and D20.



Integrated Hub Motor & Battery

Features a 250W brushless rear hub motor and combined it with a powerful 36V 10AH Lithium ion battery packed seamlessly inside the body. A single charge(4-6 hours)can last up to 24.8 miles(40km) range on pure electric power and 24.8-31 miles (40-50 km) range with pedal assist.

20 (2)

Pedal Assist & Throttle

Controllable right from your handlebars,pedal assist means that you’ll never be out of breath when you arrive at your destination. Throttle speeds of 15.5mph (25KM/H) mean that,even without pedaling,you can easily keep up with the traffic around you.


LCD Display & handlebar

When you start riding D3+,you will see a dashboard which is clear.We specialize in developing exclusive LCD dashboards that focus on comfortable rides.


Bright Headlight & Blinking Taillight

The bright headlight and blinking taillight helps you avoid getting hurt or becoming lost when riding on the trail at night.


Hidden Cables

The cables of the electronic gear shift and the brake lines are hidden in its handlebars.


Adjustable seat & rear light

The ergonomic seat provides you with an extra comfortable ride. The seat can change up & down to suit your riding position. The seat post is fully adjustable, making the electric bike tailored for you.

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