Vélo électrique intelligent DYU A5

Nouveau vélo intelligent DYU R1 à venir avec l’expérience de conduite la plus CONFORTABLE, la technologie de capteur de couple, un corps de vélo durable et des performances puissantes. Vente en gros maintenant à prix réduit.


wheel png
Wheel Size
14 Inch
bike size

Riding size:1275*520*1001mm

Folding size: 730*330*650mm

7.5AH battery
weight png
48V 350W brushless motor
Upgraded soft and broadened high-end seat
Soft seat
Remote-control gadget inside

7 avis pour Vélo électrique intelligent DYU A5

  1. Steven

    Powerful little ebike

  2. DYU

    Battery removable practical ebike.

  3. Prince G.

    Extremely well built bike every part is quality. It is fun and easy to ride with good power to pull up steep hills with 350 watt motor. It folds very easy and is a good every day rider. Can be the best among all DYU series bicycles.

  4. Frank

    Upgraded riding experience. Powerful than any DYU series before.

  5. Connor

    No idea about durability or how long the battery will last but so far it’s been doing well.

  6. Sam Foley

    powerful e-bike, meet my request

  7. Ruth Stein

    Perfect e-bike for me!
    Love it !!!

  8. Jaycob Ross

    I wanted a lite bike that I could put in my vehicle and this fits the bill perfectly.

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Environmental friendly

New energy green cycling

Energy saving and emission reduction, in line with the policies of various countries around the world.

Green travel


Folds and unfolds quickly and easily

For transit or storage,and fits in car trunks,closets,RVs,and under desks.

Portable and Storeable

The A5 electric bike is built with strong aluminium alloy frame with ultimate compactability in the 3-stage fold. The powerful 350W motor and shock absorbing seat makes it a smooth and comfortable ride.

The DYU A5 Smart Electric Bike is built on a larger ultra light aluminium alloy frame with a weight capacity of 150kg and a 3 stage ultra compact folding ability. The A5 is equipped with a convenient removable lithium battery for easy fast charging.

Your daily commute is made easy with a powerful 350W high speed brushless electric motor combined with the 3 Mode DTST Smart Power you can ride pure electric, pedal assisted or pedal only. The A5 Also features a comfortable shock absorbing seat as well as front shock absorbers to give you a smooth comfortable ride.

The A5 is the only DYU Electric Bike with 3 Stage Folding ability by being able to lower the seat, fold over the handlebars and then literally fold the bike in half! This gives you ultra compact storage for travelling long distance in a car or storing in the home/office.

Smart ultra clear display

The A5 Smart Electric Bike comes with an ultra-clear LCD display on the handlebars. Stay on top of your ride with Speed Display, Voltage Display, Gear Adjustment, Distance Travelled and more in real-time get feedback from the bike so you know the situation at all times while you ride.

7.5AH Removable Battery

Pull-out lithium battery pack,battery weight 3-6kg easy pick up,fast cahrging,portable life starts immediately.

Dual Disc-Brake Design

Front and rear disc-brake design, provide strong braking ability to protect your riding safety, progressive braking even in rainy conditions.

Front shock absorbers

Fitted with front fork shock absorbers, the A5 gives you a more comfortable riding experience, easily smoothing out out bumps and giving you a safer ride as well.

Seat suspension

The A5 Electric Bike is equipped with an extremely comfortable seat with shock absorbing seat suspension that will ease bumps on uneven road surfaces giving you a more enjoyable ride.

6061 Aluminum alloy frame

The aluminum alloy frame has high-quality features such as high hardness, drop resistance, and lightness!

Unboxing & Assembly

Lire la vidéo sur dyu a5

In this video: See what comes in the A5 Smart Electric Bike box and how to assemble the bike ready for riding.

Functions & Features

Lire la vidéo sur dyu a5

In this video: Learn about all of the functions of the A5 Smart Electric bike to get the most out of your ride.


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