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F-wheel A5 electric bike to realize infinite mileage – the best folding electric bicycle

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F-wheel A5 Electric Bike is a new design foldable commuter e-bike in 2020. It features the removable battery, which frees you from the worry of mileage.

F-wheel A1 200km mileage endurance

As everyone knows, charging the battery of electric bike needs some time. However, with F-wheel A5, you’re able to remove the used battery then put on a new fully charged one in a minute. One battery for 110km, and two battery for 220 km! F-wheel A5 deluxe version comes with a 48V 21AH battery seriously. This battery capacity is enough to carry the rider from 1 city to another, save a great of amount money spent on the fuel to the car.


Moreover, the motor of F-wheel A5 is also upgraded. Most small electric bikes’ motor is around 250W, while F-wheel A5 comes with a powerful motor of 350W. It climbs up the 15° slope at ease.


As to the wheel size, it’s still 14 inches, the same as DYU D3 Plus, which makes the whole bike portable and convenient as usual.

F-wheel A1 electric bike wheel
F-wheel A5 electric bike wheel

Now it comes to the riding mode. One of the best design in this bike is the 3 riding modes:

Pure electric mode
Ride directly after power on, no need to pedal anymore
Boost Mode
Ride by pedaling with an assist from power
Manpower Mode
Ride like on a conventional bicycle without the electricity

You’re free to shift from the electric mode to manual mode. Do some exercise by bicycling or get a relaxing trip with pure electric boost, it’s your free choice.


The aluminum alloy bike frame makes the e bike lightweight. The handlebar and seat height are adjustable, making it suitable for different heights of riders. And it’s foldable & space-saving, ready for car boot.


Last but not least, the double front and rear shock-absorbing suspensions, the seat double-spring bump reducing design make your travel even more comfortable.

seat bump reducing
double suspension
double suspension

In conclusion

F-wheel A5 electric bike with a long mileage & powerful motor, comfortable riding experience and space-saving foldable design, is a perfect transportation tool for commuting to work, traveling, dating, shopping, exercising, playing & relaxing. Worth owning.


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