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Electric bike skyrocketes in USA during the epidemic

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According to media reports, with the unblocking of all parts of the United States, cycling and electric vehicles have become the first choice for people to travel compared to public transportation and subway. As a result, sales of bicycles and electric bicycles have skyrocketed. Some stores have sold out inventory. Low-end models under $ 1,000 have been sold out. Even high-end models can only be booked to a few. The popularity of searching for “electric bicycles” in Google also soared during the epidemic.

In fact, in international financial centers such as New York, London and Paris, millions of people commute and shop every day, which means that the public transportation system can transport 1.5 billion passengers. In the face of the dilemma of public transportation and private cars, bicycles and electric vehicles are highlighted as a dark horse, becoming an ideal travel tool in the eyes of more and more city planners, and the first choice for residents.

There is no doubt that bicycles are fast, comfortable, convenient, and pollution-free, and can allow us to maintain a certain safe distance when traveling. Electric vehicles can also ensure our comfort during long distance travel on hot summer days.

Surge in bicycle and electric vehicle sales

When the new corona virus was just beginning to spread, because of the lockdown policy in various places, the global supply chain of traditional bicycles and electric vehicles was interrupted, sales were suppressed, and many stores were forced to close. However, nowadays, the sales volume of electric vehicles in the world is growing rapidly, and many of them have chosen electric bikes for the first time.

Surge in bicycle and electric vehicle sales
Under the influence of the epidemic, the sales of bicycles and electric bicycles in the United States have surged, and some stocks have been booked before they have arrived from China. DYU Smart Bike has already settled in the US Costco last year. With its good looking appearce and high technology, it has attracted many consumers and gained a large number of fans in the United States. It is understood that the demand for DYU has also skyrocketed recently. Costco is a US-based warehousing supermarket. With low-cost, streamlined products and membership as the core business model, it has more than 770 branches in 11 regions around the world, with more than 96 million members.

Let the cycling epidemic continue

The latest data shows that since the epidemic, the number of people riding bicycles and electric bicycles has surged across the United States. The number of cyclists in North America has increased by 5% compared to usual, and in the weekend alone, bicycle traffic in multiple regions of the United States has increased by more than 100%. At the same time, the car traffic flow plummeted and the air became fresher.

Surge in bicycle and electric vehicle sales
This is an amazing change. However, if the city does not boldly reimagine and plan future streets at this time, all this is only temporary. With the end of the epidemic, cars will re-enter the road, and carbon emissions will climb back to the historical starting point.

Many people in the United States hope that this epidemic can bring about this kind of temporary change for a longer period of time, so that the cycling pandemic will continue.

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