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DYU V1 Smart Bike review – Shorten your last mile in travel

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In order to avoid the ticket from the traffic police, I often drove to a bus stop 3 kilometers away from the unit to find a parking space, and then take a bus to work. Later, I saw this DYU folding electric bike on the Internet. Since that, when I arrived at the parking lot, I took out the DYU V1 ebike from the trunk and take a few minutes to finish the last 3 kilometers. So let’s take a look at DYU V1 smart bike today.

First look at the appearance of this electric bike, European style, geometric design, size is relatively small, the frame adopts a V-shaped inverted triangle design, the frame formed at a time is more sturdy, it looks very powerful but not sharp. The red appearance is striking enough.

The foldable design makes this bike compact and convenient to store. It can be easily stored in the trunk of the car to solve the problem of the last few kilometers.

The handles are also well done in terms of details. The 500mm flat-shaped handlebars ensure sufficient width and will not take up too much space when folded and stored. The brake details of the left and right handles are well done. , The grip is moderate when braking, without the feeling of particularly laborious. The rubber grip feels very good, and the anti-skid pattern can not only prevent slippage effectively, but also avoid the discomfort caused by sweating on the palm of long riding.

Handle bar

In addition to the rear brake, the left handle has a disc-shaped knob front light switch to meet the lighting needs at night and ensure riding safety.

Below the light switch is the whistle switch. Although the ebike is small, the sound of the whistle is not small, which can serve as a very good warning and reminder.

Left handle bar

The upper part of the right handle is the three-speed adjustment display, and the lower part is the start switch of the electric bike. The speed slip grip of the right handle has a moderate damping, so there will be no fatigue in the wrist even if you ride for a long time.

Right handle bar

The control wires of the brakes and various switches are neatly placed to the threading holes of the handlebar column through the wire harness, leading to the various controllers, ensuring the overall appearance of the vehicle is tidy.

From top to bottom, let’s look at the headlights and horns of the vehicle at the top of the front part of the vehicle beam. The headlights seem to be very small, but with the support of the LED lamp beads, not only the brightness is high, but also very energy-saving. The cruising range of the vehicle will be longer. Below is a the factory nameplate.

Look at the front fork of the vehicle. A shock absorber is installed on each side of the front fork, which makes the vehicle more stable during riding and enhances riding comfort. The front fork is connected to a 12-inch front wheel, the rear wheel is the same size, and the appropriate size tires ensure the comfort of riding and are also convenient for storage.

After reading the tires, look at one of the power outputs of the vehicle. The “biokinetic energy output access terminal”-pedals, the pedal arms are of moderate length, and there is no “leg bending” phenomenon during riding. Comfortable.

The next is the rear taillights of the vehicle. The rear taillights are used as warning lights to ensure that the e-bike is prompted to keep a safe distance when the line of sight is not good at night.

Rear light

The front and rear disc brake design of the braking system is relatively rare among similar products. It is a very conscientious configuration that greatly guarantees our riding safety.

Front wheel
Rear wheel

The seat of this ebike has been widened and thickened, and riding is very comfortable.


Two colors are available to choose. At the same time, it can be equipped with a basket and a children’s chair. The load of 120KG basically meets our daily needs for daily activities such as picking up children and shopping.

The height of the handlebar is about 1 meter above the ground. This height is generally suitable for adults to ride comfortably. The length of the bike is about 1.1 meters. After the handlebar is folded and stored, it can be easily stored in the trunk of the car.

Although this bicycle is small and exquisite, it adopts the front and rear double shock absorber design, which makes the riding avoid excessive bumps and ensures the riding comfort. The aluminum alloy front fork is lighter and stronger.

With the blessing of the 36V brushless motor, it not only has strong power, lower noise, and more stable riding, but also guarantees a long-distance endurance of 60KM. The BMS intelligent battery management system greatly reduces the chance of excessive battery loss and ensures the basic battery life of up to 5 years. While reducing our travel costs, it is also more conducive to protecting the environment.

There are three riding modes. The first gear is no power-assisted gear. It is completely dependent on our pedals. It is suitable for use on downhills or smooth road sections. It can solve travel problems while also exercising. You can do two things with one bike. The special situation of insufficient power can also use it to solve the urgent need.

The second gear is a power-assisted gear that can be used when we are in a hurry or when climbing is difficult, reducing our burden, ensuring the riding experience, and also ensuring the endurance.

The third gear is a pure electric gear, which completely liberates our legs and makes commuting leisurely and relaxed.

The remote control interface of this ebike has only three buttons, which is very simple. Easy to use.

Remote control key

DYU V1 electric bike also does a good job of anti-theft. The remote control can lock the ebike with one button. When it is locked, the electric bike cannot be used for electric riding, and an alarm will be triggered in the case of an external force to remind the owner to check the car.

This electric bike is small in size and easy to fold. It is a good choice to solve the last few kilometers of congestion. Friends who are interested are recommended to take a try. Leave a message below to learn more.

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