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DYU to Launch DYU FF500 Folding eBike with 500W Motor and Swappable Battery

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Following the release of DYU King750 electric bike, DYU is proud to announce the launch of another eBike model, DYU FF500, aka DYU Ostrich. DYU is a renowned for compact and folding eBikes that redefine urban mobility. Responding to the actual needs of riders, the upcoming DYU FF500 features the practical design, strong performance, convenient folding body, and swappable battery.

The 48V/500W high-power motor that comes with a high torque and high efficiency makes DYU FF500 a highly practical eBike achieving a maximum speed of 20 mph, a 30% increase compared with the other models in the DYU D series. Whilst professional cyclists travel on flat terrain at 25-28 mph on average, riders of DYU FF500 shall get way ahead of most peers when commuting or making other short trips. Thanks to the fat tires, each ride will be an easy one even on challenging terrains.

The specifications of the swappable battery include 18650 LG lithium, 14Ah, large capacity, the new structure of 13 cells in series and 4 sets in parallel totaling 52 cells, and a professional battery management system (BMS). The riding is made energy-efficient, and the battery performance is continually optimized for a longer range. Generally, the range per charge is 34-43 miles on Pedal Assist Mode, which satisfies the daily cycling need of 90% urban riders who may then not worry about the battery level anymore.

To be safe and ergonomic, DYU FF550 is equipped with power-off brake levers (left and right) to cut motor output promptly, and the sensitive and stable hydraulic premium disc brakes (front and rear) to make riding even safer. All of the three riding modes, namely Fitness, Throttle and Pedal Assist, supported by the advanced Shimano 7-speed transmission system put the riding experience in your full control. Wanna exercise, or relax? Going uphill, or downhill? Anything is possible in the most efficient way! Moreover, the 12-magnetic dual Hall effect speed sensor with cadence sensing as well makes pedaling easier and saves more energy.

“We are thrilled to add the DYU FF500 to our extensive portfolio of micro-mobility vehicles, and to bring this innovative eBike to urban riders in Europe and the U.S.,” as expressed by DYU CEO and founder, Leven Lee, “DYU FF500 is a versatile solution with an impressive range, delivering the urban mobility for riders and businesses alike that desire, while satisfying a wider range of other user needs.”

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About DYU

DYU, Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China focuses on designing, researching, manufacturing and selling of electric bicycles. DYU has a self-operated production factory located in Huizhou. DYU had an annual electric two-wheeled vehicle production capacity of approximately 600 thousand units, supported by more than 200 employees. DYU’s global network covered over 60 countries worldwide and consisted of over 100 distributors.

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