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Dyu smart bike maintenance in summer – Prolong your battery life in this way

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Batteries are a very important part of electric bikes, there is an old saying in the industry, “there is no overworked death of batteries, but only the incorrect and inappropriate charging way kill batteries“. Today DYU will share a few most destructive ways of charging batteries in summer and how to avoid it. And we can make your battery a much longer life by noticing following important e-bike maintenance tips.

1. Keep away from a less known and inferior brand chargers

In most cities of the world, the number of electric bikes is very large. Electric bike market is booming, which also flourish the relevant accessory industries, especially the charger accessories. At present, the market is full of a large number of low-quality chargers, and the price difference between regular chargers is big. In addition, consumers have a weak awareness of the hazards of inferior chargers and cannot resist the cheap price. They often buy and use fake chargers to charge their beloved DYU electric bike.

The so-called inferior charger reduces production costs and increases profits by utilizing inferior materials such as electronic components, cables and shell materials. And these chargers are vulnerable to wear and tear, which can easily cause unstable current and automatic power failure in the charging process, which do great harm to the battery life.

2. Stay away from e bike fast charging station

With the expansion of the scale of the city, consumers have more requirements for the endurance of the electric bike, but the capacity of the battery is limited. And more and more fast-charging stations is established to bring convenience to e-bike charging. But do you know the harm? High current charging of fast charging station leads to irreversible damage of lithium batteries. Long-term use of fast charging station will easily lead to battery destroy. Therefore, fast charging station cannot be used as much as possible, which is very harmful to batteries.

3. Stay away from overcharging

Many users charge their e-bike batteries overnight or throughout the day less bother. When the charging time is more than 8 hours, or even 12 hours, it belongs to overcharging.

Overcharging not only reduces battery life, but also causes burnout of charger due to excessive temperature. Sometimes, it causes a fire disaster.

4. Keep away from high-temperature charging

At the beginning of the summer, the weather is not particularly hot, but in the middle summer, the ultraviolet radiation is very strong, the temperature is also very high, at this time it is particularly unsuitable for charging. Everyone knows that lithium batteries are afraid of cold and heat. If they are exposed to the sun, it will not only reduce the battery life, but also cause safety problems in e-bikes.

5. Don’t charge the e-bike immediately after using

We often encounter the situation of charging immediately after using. In the process of using the e-bike, each component will be very hot, and charging immediately will cause damage to the battery, so recharging should be postponed for a while. Sit down for a coffee then charge.

6. Keep away from low battery

The best way to charge lithium batteries is to charge at about 20% of the battery power. Never completely run out then recharge.

In another case, if the bike is not used for a long time, it should be charged and placed, and the circuit switch should be disconnected, and the battery should be recharged every one or two months. For example, some models on the market have positioning function; and after the implementation of the CCC certificate new national standard, many places install positioning devices for e-bikes, so we should pay more attention to the maintenance of batteries. In the case of a long time without riding, we also need to charge them twice a month, in order to avoid battery dormancy and irreversible damage.

PS: What’s the CCC certificate?

It’s a certificate proving the product is safe which is issued by the state authority. DYU smart bike has this certificate and is completely safe both in battery and product design.

Certificate of DYU smart bike

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