Based on the big data analysis of Tmall’s professional technical backstage, consumer review and other comprehensive indicators, and massive big data as the basis, excellent electric bike brands are selected for on-site awards. The upstart in the field of smart travel, and the young and most energetic brand in the electric bike industry – DYU Smart Bike won the “Industry Rising Star Award”.

On July 17, the first Tmall 717 Electric Bike Festival with the theme of “Age of Digital Intelligence, Creating the Future Together” was grandly held at the headquarters of Alibaba in Hangzhou, which attracted great attention from the electric bike industry. This grand event in the electric bike industry not only received great attention from the industry, but the scene was crowded with dozens of famous media from different fields across the country.

Tmall and DYU join forces

Alibaba saw the development potential of DYU Smart Bike, so the first customized product that Tmall and DYU have joined hands with came into being-DYU S2, with fashion appearance, high-quality, lighter, smarter and affordable advantages, DYU S2 and they have received high attention from the market and users just after they are launched, and they have become another hit product in the field of smart travel.

DYU has long recognized that innovation and design are the key to solving consumer pain points in the era of big data and artificial intelligence – congestion, crowding, heave design, and environmental pollution. It also uses creative business thinking and methods to upgrade the product design and brand new user experience, marketing model design and business model design.

In the future, DYU will be committed to creating a smarter and younger brand new image, and creating an ideal travel tool for consumers in smart and green travel. Leave a message below to learn more.

DYU S2 Smart Electric Bike

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