Continuous improvement in technology has always made life easier for people. The bike industry has also keyed into technology to serve the people better. Almost anyone can now ride bikes without the effort usually associated with them. Today, we will be talking about two of the best bicycles present in the market – DYU, and Fiido. Both bicycles have similar features and differences, and we will talk about them in this article.


  •    Appearance


The DYU has a stylish appearance that is appealing to the eyes. It has a beautiful design that is difficult for the eyes to resist.

Just like DYU, Fiido is also excellently designed to accompany its features with amazing structure.


  •    Weight


The weight of DYU bicycle is 16 kg. This makes it easy for it to be carried around and makes your travel more convenient.

Fiido approximate weighs 17 kg and is also a lightweight bicycle. However, it is slightly heavier and bulkier than DYU which makes it less comfortable to carry around.


  •    Folding portable


The handlebar stem of DYU folds down, making it compact for storage and transportation. The folding portability of DYU is excellent which makes it occupier smaller space.

The folding portability and the lightweight of DYU bicycle make it an excellent choice for those who want comfort as part of their riding experience. DYU is designed in a way that it allows for easy one-handed carry. It is friendly with bus and trains train transport.

The Fiido also has a foldable handlebar stem. However, the bicycle is still bulky when folded compared to DYU bicycle. It is also compatible with transport on MRT.


  •    Power


DYU is powered by a 10Ah Lithium Battery which can run the bicycle for 56 kilometers and can meet your one week commuting needs. The battery consumption of the bicycle is optimized, and riders enjoy maximum pleasure with a fully charged battery without the fear of any failure.

Fiido is as equally good as DYU in terms of battery capability and optimization. It runs on a 10.4Ah (Fiido In-house Brand) battery and can power your scooter up to 40-55km. Just like in DYU, the battery is excellently optimized, and riders should be confident of its performance.


  •    App


The DYU is one of the few bicycles in the market with an app-enabled controller which provides useful information such as speed; distance traveled, battery level and motor temperature. Another useful feature of the app is the ability to log the throttle of the device, preventing unwanted theft of the bicycle. Fiddo bicycle also has an app that allows the user to change the device’s speed in an instant. This allows for easy adjustment of speed and other settings to the need of the rider. The bicycle can also be locked with the use of the app.


In conclusion,


Both are great products and two of the best in the market. They have their similarities and differences. Overall, DYU has a considerable edge over Fiido with its compatibility and lightweight. Unlike Fiido, DYU has a better appearance, built-in front and rear lights, APP, GPS anti-theft system and it is IP54 water resistant.


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