The most detailed specifications and product pictures of DYU D3 electric bike are displayed at the official site of DYU & F-wheel today. And here are the bullet points of the DYU electric bike D3:DYU D3 Electric Bike

1. DTST assisting system


2. FOC vertor controller


3. 14-inch large tire


4. 80KM mileage


5. 14AH lithium battery


6. FOC Vector controller


7. LCD dashboard


8. Smart Detection APP


9. Dual disc brakes


10. All round optimized brushless motor


11. Double spring damping comfortable seat

DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike

In conclusion:

Compared to DYU smart bike D1 and DYU smart bike D2, D3 is fully improved and many new functions & features are applied in. It’s the combination of beauty and strength without any doubt.

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