What’s the difference between D3 & D2 DYU smart electric bikes? Which one is better for choosing? Today we write this article to answer this question.

DYU D3 vs DYU D2


Wheel size

DYU D3+ : 14-inch

DYU D2+ : 12-inch

As we can see, DYU D3+ comes with a bigger wheel while D2+ is smaller.

Both big wheels and small wheels have their own advantages and disadvantages.

A larger wheel has a larger contact patch with the ground, and that means more traction. Wide tires and low tire pressures are used for the same reason, to increase the size of the contact patch. A larger diameter wheel naturally has a longer contact patch, which provides more rubber on the trail.

While smaller wheels are easier to maneuver, do quicker acceleration and it’s easier for storage. Smaller wheels on DYU smart bike also makes it very portable and save battery power when riding.

However, there is a misunderstanding in the industry that bigger wheels come with faster speed, that’s not correct. Wheel size has nothing to do with the speed of an e-bicycle on the road.


DYU D3+ : 18kg
DYU D2+ :  16kg

Body Size

DYU D3+ :  113.5*21*102cm
DYU D2+ :  109*29*67cm
Observing above, DYU D2+ is lighter than DYU D3+, and its size is smaller. If you need a smaller portable e-bike, you should choose D2+, which is very portable. While you need a bigger size for your bigger body, you need a DYU D3+.
dyu smart electric bike



DYU D3+ : 10ah
DYU D2+ : 10ah

Motor Power

DYU D3+ :  36V 250W
DYU D2+ : 36V 250W

Max Load

DYU D3+ : 120kg
DYU D2+ :  120kg


DYU D3+ is bigger than D2+ both in wheel and body size, heavier than D2+,  suitable for big guys. D2+ is lighter than D3+, more portable and convenient. Both e-bikes are stylish and beautiful.

DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike

DYU D2+ Smart Electric Bike

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