The Dyu D1 smart mini electric bike raised the total amount of 1 million RMB on the first day of Taobao crowdfunding. This e bike named Dyu D1 belongs to the well-known F-wheel subsidiary brand Dyu. This new Dyu smart bike has stylish appearance and the function GPS locating, is lightweighted, safe and practical compared to other e bikes.

The most attractive part is D1 luxury version, compared to the standard version in the crowdfunding, it has 4 overwhelming merits. First, it has two times of the working distance compared to the standard version, make the riding range expanded 1 time compared to the old one; Second, the luxury version has front-back double disc faster braking system; Third, the luxery version battery is ensured by the National After Sales System; Last and the most important, it has GPS locating function and triple anti-theft function.

Then let’s take a closer eye on the triple anti-theft function. First process, set the APP password; second, set the digital fence, when your bike is moved over 5 meters by others, it will automatically send you early warning information; third, even in the case of no power or no electricity, it still shows the location of your bike and lock up the bike motor. It the bike is disassembled, you will still be able to track the route of the bike transportaion. Dyu e bike is no wonder the leader in the e bike anti-theft field.

Dyu D1 raised breaking 1 millions in the first day of crowdfunding is not only because of the high quality of the product, but also the high reputation gained from CCTV “News broadcast”. With such a large endorsement of trust and the product D1 online product launch conference that has more than 1.1 million people online watched. Meanwhile, at the conference F-wheel announced the company’s image spokesperson new billiards queen who won the world championships 3 times, Liu Shasha. This spokesperson’s announcement once again brought D1 Taobao Crowdfunding a lot of popularity and reputation.

The emergence of Dyu D1 does meet the needs of all kinds of psychological needs of a large number of people for the modern smart electric bike and short trip. The travel becomes beautiful and a kind of enjoyment. Our travel life is also benefiting from company like F-wheel that do smart travel research and development. The smart bike Dyu D1 is a very good choice to people in need of convenient daily 10 km short trip.

dyu smart bike d1

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