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Cocoa Motors’ WalkCar VS F-wheel Company’s iCarbot

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Some people said that walkcar is the same as icarbot when there is many differences between them. We are going to reveal it in this article with specific details. By the way, you’ll learn how the icarbot/walkcar works and fall in love with it.

Cocoa Motors’ WalkCar

On sale: No
Patent: Yes
Weight: Still not published to people because it’s not on sale
Speed: 10 kilometers/hour
Maximum loading:120kg

Appearance: Laptop like

Wheel number: 4


F-wheel Company’s iCarbot
On sale: Yes
Patent: Yes
Weight: Only 4kg (Compared to hoverboard as 10kg and electric unicycle as 12 kg )
Maximum loading: 120kg
Speed: 12 kilometers/hour

Appearance: Laptop like (with streamline design)

Wheel number: 4


According to the specifications: iCarbot runs faster than the walkcar from cocoa motor. Said the engineer from F-wheel, “Streamline appearance is much cooler than the simple laptop like walkcar because it’s more scientific and practical considering the speed and working components of this vehicle.” By the way, he said that thebattery of the icarbot is from Samsung. So the user safety is insured. What’s more, the battery can be replacedwith a new one easily when it runs out, which mean when you put enough battery packages in your backpack, you can run more than 50 kilometers in a travel!

The working theory is the same between walkcar and icarbot. Once the rider stands on it the WalkCar/ iCarbot starts automatically, while simply stepping off stops the vehicle. To change direction, the user just shifts their weight. According to the users of icarbot, it’s much easier to learn this four wheel scooter compared to hoverboard and electric unicycle. Even the young child can stand on it and walk like proficient engineers who invented it.


Now a new transportation tool is invented and on sale. “iCarbot” is the world smallest electric vehicle, which can be brought in a bag.Just bend your body toward destination you are going to, you can control iCarbot at will. As small as laptop PC, the device can be brought readily, and help you move anytime and anywhere.Now we can choose “Car” or “iCarbot”. Walking now has more fun with iCarbot.

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